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  1. Monday of this week I pulled a 13hr day on the set of Battlestar Galatica. Who really gives a flying fuck, but it made me think of Doom so here the experience is. Yeah surprisingly they decided to uncancel it and do one last season. I ended up as a BDU extra so I got the whole uniform and some ranking pins. I asked the props dude that was handing 'em out what rank it was and he said 3rd from the bottom.

    If only it were star trek it would be alot cooler. But the neatest part of the whole experience was the set itself. Cramped futuristic spaceship corridors, big metal doors with crazy ass fake mag locks on them. Essentially any part of the physical set itself that appears to be metal is either wood or fibreglass. The pipes are simply PVC plumbing pipes from your hardware store. Of course it's all painted and weathered to look like metal. Only real metal was the metal grating on the floor.

    Main area of filming for that day was the "church" area. It looked more like an intergalatic harem for pimps and space hos but I digress. They handed out these prop pamplets which contained writings of show religion mythos. Being bored out of my mind in between a shot setup I actually read all 13 pages.

    The dude that played Dr.Bashir on Deep Space 9 plays Baltar whose supposed to be some prophet. He smokes a cigar and drinks some booze and does a monologue. Then some people shout out crap, they got upgraded to speaking dialogue which gives them a $1000 bucks and a credit towards the BC performers union. Fuckers. lol.

    One of those woulda been nice. Ah well. Then some dudes get into fight and some table slammage occurs. All this over the course of 13 hrs which involved alot of sitting outside in the lot during downtime, drinking pepsi and eating donuts. I regretted not bringing my laptop to map Doom with that day.

    As for Doom, the set made me think of Doom, Doom 3 and even the movie. Then I had a whole wild what if fantasy and I could make my own doom movie. Having alot of downtime there was plenty of time exploring the mental possibility. It was really cool seeing the command center set even though nothing was being shot there, and how awesome it would make for a Haunted UAC mars base. There were prop ammunition boxes lying about and I thought how many bullets they'd be able to hold. Then I saw the explosive boxes and thought rockets.

    I could visualize a horrid barrage of demons coming from all angles. It's what happens to your imagination when you got too much time on your hands.

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    2. Danarchy


      Wow, $10/hour? That's as much as I'm making for working at a restaurant for 1 1/2 years. But you're getting lots of overtime, so heh.

    3. SYS


      Yeah the overtime is what makes it worth while. That and the more or less relax nature of the job itself. Been there done that on the slaving away in the restaurant. I've been traumatized by the mountains of food encrusted porcelain and ungodly piles of cutlery. My nostrils burnt by the smell of the industrial strength cleaning chemicals. The seemingly never ending onslaught of dirty dishes, and going home with nothing more than pure mental anguish. More or less all the money is in Serving or bussing. They make more than the cooks in all the tips. Then they bitch "I only made 200 dollars tonight."

    4. Danarchy


      Haha, yeah. Though at Red Lobster, it's just around $60 they make a night on average. Still, that's about a shift's worth of work for me.