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  1. So Lucy is Diabetic. She had lost a lot of weight in a short period of time. So I brought her in to see what was wrong. Feline Diabetes. So the vet demonstrated to me how to properly handle the needle and draw the insulin from the vial. Getting the air bubbles out is the most annoying part. Then came the injecting part. Saline was used for practice as Lucy had her dose for the day already.

    It was quite easy. It's intramuscular which makes it way easier than intravenous. You just pull up the fur at the top part of the neck and stick the needle into the skin real quick. The vet was quite impressed at my lack of hesitation. She said normally people are really nervous and take forever. Had me considering becoming a veterinarian. I don't think I could stomach the surgical procedures and handle losing patients though. Not to mention biology was never my forte.

    In cases of feline diabetes it's possible for the cat to return to normal and become independent from insulin injections. Hopefully Lucy can be such a statistic.

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    2. Sharessa


      POTGIESSER said:

      She was around 17 lbs in that photo. Now she's only 9lbs.

      Oh god! She's so fat that she's blotting out the sun!

      (seriously, that is a really dark pic)

      Hope your cat gets better. I like kitties =^.^=

    3. SYS


      Danarchy said:

      (seriously, that is a really dark pic)

      Yeah this digital camera been fucked up for quite some years now. If I use the flash function it overexposes to the point where everything goes super bright white.

    4. Use


      Aw she's cute. I hope she gets better. Sometimes a simple change in quality of diet or feeding times can really imaact these things.