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  1. Got my Climate Action Dividend Cheque in the mail. It's a $100 cheque issued to every resident of British Columbia as way of offsetting the new carbon tax introduced next month. A tax that the taxpayer's of this province had no say in the matter. Some bitch just happens to appear on TV one day back in February telling us we're going to pay it. But to compensate the fact we're all getting fucked longterm here's a $100.

    The hundred bucks is better than a kick in the balls. I'm just pissed at the fact the tax payer had no say at all in the issue. Is it because if we were given the opportunity to vote on it the majority would not be in favor? Fuck yes. But that's what a democracy is supposed to be. Instead of "Enjoy your carbon tax bitches, here's a $100."

    1. deathbringer


      Apparenly Cambridge Council have shelved thier Congestion Charge plan, which surprised me greatley. I've been so used to governments lately deciding to do something, "listening to the people"... then doing what they wanted anyway regardless.

    2. Planky


      The Kyoto agreement is such a bitch.