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  1. Been a while since I seen some live metal. Some good 'ole thrash - Destruction. Originally scheduled at the shittiest venue for a metal show The Plaza. Thankfully moved to the Red Room. Destruction hadn't played a gig here since 2002 with Kreator. Although there's a weird rumor they unexpectedly did a show at the Cobalt one year. Cobalt is this stereotypically scummy bar where all the local metal bands typically do their gigs.

    I think it's unfeasible that Destruction would've done a show there unless they did one while in town before yesterdays show as a surprise. The other theorem would be that they happened to be visiting the city on vacation or something and borrowed instruments from a local band to do a surprise gig or something. Nevertheless, rumors are just that.

    Outside before the doors opened; there was this dude presumably on psychedelics of some kind asking people for tokes of marijuana sacrament. Then he held out his arms and screamed, "I AM THE PROPHET OF THE GODS!!" Must've been on some good shit. He was easily pacing back and forth throughout the entire venue during the show. Obviously in a very different reality then everybody elses. Which was mostly pissed drunk and stoned.

    The opener was a local band that looked like they were still in highschool called "Juvenile Assassins" They were pretty bad, which perplexed me how they ended up on the bill. Even with the lack of support from the crowd I have to commend them for at the very least being up there on stage for a very cool gig. They gave me their album for free and while I appreciate the gesture I think it will stay in it's shrink wrap for quite a while.

    Destruction was all that I thought it would be and more. They did not disappoint. It was really awesome getting a chance to see them rip shit up. They will likely never be back in town ever again.

    1. VileSlay


      I saw them on tour with kreator also. awesome fuckin show. it was the last show I saw lamours in brooklyn before it got shut down again. I think it was a total of ten bands on two stages that night. most of the bands that played were pretty good, but honestly, for the life of me, I can't remember any of the names of the other bands.