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  1. As you've probably learned by now my friends decided to get me extremely drunk for my birthday. Fed me Crown Royal non stop to the point of no return. It was too late by the time they realized I had to be cut off. My tolerance is not what it used to be. I loathe my former days of excessive drinking. Last night was just a real affirmation of that. It serves no function aside from raging idiocy.

    I can't yield anything positive from that state of consciousness. For the most part I've cut my drinking to a bare minimum. Even then when I do I'll have a couple at most. Last night was ridiculous. There's no humor in it.

    At least any for me personally. It's quite pathetic and I'm glad that I've developed enough to realize it in it's true capacity. I currently have alot of positive things going for me, so that's where my focus has been centered. That induced idiocy never has and never will serve me as a positive outlet for anything.

    1. printz


      I don't know whether it's really wrong or shameful to get too drunk once, especially on a birthday. Unless I skimmed and missed a point.

    2. Coopersville
    3. lupinx-Kassman


      It is okay to get a little drunk once and a while. I am assuming that Potgiesser got completly hammered far beyond his personal limit, and that he doesn't want to do that again.