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  1. tl dr; Was at a lake, life shit.

    Extended Novel Edition:

    Yesterday I got back from Paska Lake. Was a great weekend. Paska is an Aboriginal name or word of sorts. It's also means shit in Finnish. Which is also how you can tell the Finnish Canadian Hunting and Fishing Club had a sense of humor when they chose a cabin there.

    A friend of my brother is in the club and he booked it for his 30th birthday. Invited a bunch of people. Was good times. Only so many could stay in the cabin so there was a tent city setup around it. There was also a sauna, which complimented swimming in the cold water of the lake. The lake itself was relatively paska. Had fish in it, but it was pretty small, and couldn't have been deeper than 18 Feet at it's deepest point.

    Went out on the rowboat, no luck in scoring fish.

    In other news I got my transcript from my Math course. I failed it miserably the first time around and just barely got what I needed the second time around. I'm quite retarded when it comes to Math; though residents of Doomworld will likely argue I'm just plain retarded. The purpose was so I can take this Computer Information Systems Technician course. With hopes of achieving something beyond the realm of mediocrity careerwise. This in the face of "The sky is falling, IT is a dead sector, you've better luck selling your ass on craigslist" level of cynicism.

    I've also a pile Doom maps, that are more or less unfinished turds. I'm unsure of what to do with them aside from the obvious notion of completing them. I'm somewhat tempted to send them off to that great Recycling Bin in the sky.

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    2. SYS


      Well if you Aspie in front of videogames for a living, do the games get progressively shittier? Or is the review format simply that of the same old shit?

    3. Maes


      He would probably reply that you have no fucking idea what fucked up shit this fucked up shit is. It fucks up the shit, shits up the fuck, and all in all, is like some anal diarrhea poop dookie crap shit coming out of a roadkill rhinocerus rotten dead asshole being eaten up by a volture, then shat again, and eaten again by some fucked up roadkill dead rat.

      Oh and sorry for hijacking your thread.

    4. Super Jamie

      Super Jamie

      Usually the tl;dr comes last.

      Also never throw away your map scraps. Keep them in a scraps folder and re-use areas you like later. I have made at least one map entirely from scraps and it turned out p well.