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  1. Yesterday I was enroute to visit a friend downtown. Beggars are a typical site, especially in high volume pedestrian areas. Once in a while I do I feel inclined to give 'em a quarter or whatever. So this bum was on his kness holding a crude cardboard sign which read "Food?" On the ground was an apple and some change. I decided to give him a bag of honey roasted peanuts I had in my pocket.

    Then he was all like "HEY! I CAN'T EAT THESE!" and then he threw the bag. At first I thought, "Wow what an asshole." Then I thought, "He must be allergic to peanuts." So moral of pointless blog posting, "Never give a hobo peanuts."

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    2. SYS


      Technician said:

      Mental retardation and criminal records.

      Don't forget drug addiction. It's probably the biggest reason for the problem here. People of all walks of life, just completely ravaged by it. It really didn't help that the government decided to close down the mental hospital and let all the crazies free. They just contributed to the problem of junkies getting fucked up and committing property crimes.

      Let police be the mental health workers.

      Technician said:

      You know, I've read the title of this thread as "Never Give a Hobo Penis" once or twice.

      If you're going to do that you might as well replace the b in hobo with an m and get it over with.

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    4. Sharessa


      He wasn't perchance, going in slow motion, was he?