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  1. My week of spring break comes to a close. Come Monday it's back to the grind of focus, hardwork, time management, and studying. And not playing Doom during lecture. It happened only once. Yet it was once too many. Was nice being able to relax for the most part during this week. Got a little bit of derp work in as well.

    Monday and Wednesday did extra derp. Monday was what will probably be one of the last few episodes of that Smallvile series. Wednesday was on this series Hellcats which is produced by dude that plays superman on Smallville. Essentially its cheerleaders cheering about stuff which appeals to the teenage girl demographic, and men that enjoy shortskirts.

    Been progressing well in my program. Been through 10 courses thus far, 6 more to go. Then 1st year comes to it's conclusion. If things really go well I might be working for the school during the summer. There will be alot of competition from other students, in spite of there being 8 positions needed. Much rather do that than extra derp for the summer.

    I've also made a frivolous purchase of something I don't really need, but wanted. But seeing as my birthday is fast approaching, it's kind of a self gift: It's a new computer case. They finally started selling this model in North America. Besides all the practical features, it glows like Tron. Now I can be a real toolbag. Essentially the same case but I got the black model:

    Still have some Doom stuff in the wing, including something that should've been finished months ago but I've either been too busy, or when there's an opportunity, too lazy.

    tl dr; Life's on track and I'm feeling great.

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    2. SYS


      DuckReconMajor said:

      My break ended a week ago so my sad back to school days are over. Suck it down. The despair and sorrow, that is.

      It's far from Doom and gloom. Oh wait I'm on Doomworld :D, I don't see it that way at all. It's back to making progress towards a goal, and actually achieving something that isn't on a console or Steam. *SNAP* Guess I'm just full of positivity and motivation.

      DuckReconMajor said:

      Also, Doomworld seems to be replacing 'prostitution' with 'derp'

      Bwahaha. Extra work might as well be extra derp. You get paid to derp. If you're a real pretentious self important cocksucking douche, you prefer the title "Background Performer".

      Lüt said:

      Also, your video's in German.

      Indeed, it was one of the first posted showcase on the subject. Language barrier is preferable to a pasty kid reading off a piece paper with a squeaky voice completely monotone and devoid of enthusiasm. It's all expository narrative anyhow. Showcase/unboxing videos never actually highlight bad things about a product :D

    3. GreyGhost


      That case wouldn't look out of place in an old episode of "Doctor Who", especially with the red Leds on. Until I noticed a discreet black lead snaking out the back of the case I was wondering if those Leds were powered by fresh air.

    4. SYS


      Yeah it wouldn't seem out of place amongst the Strogg either. Came in the mail yesterday, real Behemoth this one. Each side panel must weigh at least 4 lbs.