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  1. 14 down, 2 more courses to go. 5 weeks left then first year is done.

    It's a crazy ride.

    1. Technician


      What are you trying to achieve to? How old are you? I pictured you being up there.

    2. 40oz


      You can go to college at any point in your life. My Uncle is 51 and went back to his community college to find that his credits were still applicable.

    3. SYS


      Technician said:

      What are you trying to achieve to? How old are you? I pictured you being up there.

      Currently 26, I'm an old fart. No time like the present. Wasn't easy being 24 and having to upgrade my math to get accepted. Age range in the class is from 18-32. So I'm not the most ancient, but pretty close :D. I'd like to be network admin or enjoy the corporate culture life of a large ISP. Program is completely geared towards all that so with alot of determination and perseverance hopefully I can enjoy the fruits of a nice career. Economy isn't in the shitter here, so potential opportunities look good.

      The reality is you typically don't come out of the program and end up being employed as a head honcho admin right away. But there are companies that do hire graduates right after they complete second year. Can only hope I'll be so fortunate but we will see what happens.

      Longterm goal is to have a career and live a legit, clean, comfortable life. Going good so far.