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  1. So Vancouver Canucks don't win the Stanley Cup and riots breaks out. Rejects drunk and/or under influence of drugs decide it would be cool to recreate '94. So they riot, start fights, and set shit on fire. I'm glad that my city could be so well represented by complete morons. Yeah it's sarcasm, I will be so melodramatic so as to point it out. My friend has been trapped inside of his work with 60 other people because of tear gas flooding the street. Things are real ugly... glad I could flee when I could. I must be getting old, I'm loathing all the loser morons doing a gross disservice to the city.

    Those responsible,




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    2. myk


      Coo... you could send these guys over here to South America. We have a few Canadian company mines that might require this kind of treatment, where we can give them some work!

    3. Justince


      40oz said:

      Yeah that estimate sounds about right.

      Are you implying the registered users of that forum is somehow an accurate representation of people who don't like sports?

    4. DuckReconMajor


      Mithran Denizen said:

      Even though I've never been a fan of sports, I have to say this is pretty stupid.

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