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  1. Daniel

    The /newstuff Chronicles #200

    Titan is awesome! That inclinated sectors is really great... ZDoom rocks! And also this newstuff, reviewed by TUD. THE BEST!
  2. Daniel

    The /newstuff Chronicles #195

    Well, I'm back! Some people is not visiting this site for a big time... Doom 3 is taking a lot of time, eh? Lots of good maps, not enough time to play all of them. I would play it with some of the weapons here... and feeling like an Imp!
  3. Daniel

    The /newstuff Chronicles #189

    play it on ZDoom
  4. Daniel

    The /newstuff Chronicles #189

    eh, gonna stop. I'm going on vacation, i'll be a long time out of internet. About 2 months or more. Next week is the last post. Thank you for the patience. I'll finish Neo Doom, but it will take a lot of time.
  5. Daniel

    The /newstuff Chronicles #189

    Hey, Graf, New World 2 changes are dedicated to you. Since my first wad post, I never had the luck to have my wads reviewed by Ultimate Doomer again... those other reviewers are poor; they're never happy with anything and put defects in all wads. They could be grateful 'cause an old game still have those people makin' the game greater. Xaser - you like to make some weapon mod, let's kick ass on ZDoom .64! Before I forget: don't download DoomNiel.Wad here; I put a fixed version in archives.3dgamers right now. It will run in ZDoom 2.0 63 and its best mod is the music.
  6. Daniel

    The /newstuff Chronicles #187

    EndGame castle map (i think is map06) is pretty cool :) - like the Eternal Doom castles. It inspired me to build castles
  7. Daniel

    The /newstuff Chronicles #187

    Map12 has a problem due to nodebuilder and the blue key is "multi only". This is the same map as UFMG.WAD - try this one. Map16 may have bugs, but i can't correct them - I don't have any editor with allows to edit it - no memory. I used WadAuthor, but it doesn't run anymore. Map26 is unfinished. Map15 - I didn't noticed this spider demon bug, I'll check it. I'm tired at the moment, and I want to go forward on NeoDoom when possible. Thanks for the attention.
  8. Daniel

    The /newstuff Chronicles #188

    yeah someone told me that this file was crashing. i'll take a look. News: NewWorld2.Wad is coming out. I'll try to finish this week. If not, i'm going to vacation and... see you on september.
  9. Daniel

    The /newstuff Chronicles #188

    my level DoomNiel.Wad wasn't reviewed. it will be on next T/nC?
  10. Daniel

    The /newstuff Chronicles #187

    DAL01.WAD - map12 has problems due to nodebuilder. If you want a fixed version, download UFMG.WAD (i thinks it's on newstuff 186), it's the same level with some alterations.
  11. Daniel

    The /newstuff Chronicles #187

    I did tested all the maps. I'll check this level. Dal01.Wad - map12
  12. Daniel

    Favorite full weapons replacement

    Does anyone knows how add extra weapons in ZDoom, but not weapons from Heretic, Hexen, (...), just like EDGE does?
  13. Daniel

    The "ExMx / Mapxx knockoff" list

    take a look at Dal01.Wad at last newstuff and see that map30 doesn't have any icon of fucking. Now take a look at map29. HAHAHHA
  14. Daniel

    Action Doom

    ACTION DOOM must be the best mod ever... not to be like Rampage DOOM, that created all that suspense and when it came, all people had a disgust. The suspense is done now... I hope that the file has about 50 mirrors
  15. Daniel

    Favorite full weapons replacement

    I put the file ARMAS32.WAD, which has all the Neo Doom weapons, on newstuff chronicles. Also some ARMASxx.WAD were put, and A_Game (contains 4 wads with weapons from quake 1 and 2, shadow warrior, heretic/hexen and duke nukem). I think you can have a lot of fun with Immoral Conduct weapons; those wads are very rich.