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  1. imboredmkay

    Doom 2 Minor Sprite Fixing Project v1.9

    adding to my gzdoom autoload
  2. i am officialy am a yellow frog guys

    see you every wednesdays, my dudes

    (don't take this as mocking i am just having a laugh)

  3. imboredmkay

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    some anime girl
  4. or any james ferraro from 2009
  5. lol windows task bar dissapeared randomly

  6. so i got bored and wasted time on making some "maps"

    THEY ARE S**T!

    hopefuly vanilla compatible, tested with gzdoom 4.9.0 has a mapinfo lump with names of maps

    blah blah blah it sucks

    the wad:


    or download the zip attached

    expecting critisism so i am just adding this:


    THIS IS NOT A SERIOUS WAD, I GOT BORED AND MADE 2 (tecnicaly 2.5 counting the secret filler map but that is not a map.) MAPS FOR S**TS AND GIGGLES. sorry for capslock just wanted it to be noticable

    i suck at maps mkay

    thanks for reading

    send critisim in replies or send whatever you want to imboredmkay.svp50@simplelogin.com

    - ImBoredMkay