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  1. daimon

    Most famous Monster

    =========================================== duncan said: SS Nazi isnt a doom monster!! =========================================== Probally you forgot MAP31 and MAP32, man. daimon
  2. daimon

    Music to listen to

    Music from the movie "The Ring", "The Eye" and of course 60's Mods music! Bwahahahahaha>choke<bwa x_x i'm dead daimon
  3. daimon

    anime TC?

    Veedge and ellmo as in the spirit of the thing, nuts
  4. Hey do you never listen about a Doom 2 episode called Doom 2 explosion? I just listen when i was young, the first time i've played doom. This episode containing a thing likes more than 10000 levels and new enemies graphics and monsters too... I could bellieving than is only a urban legend, write me what do you think? bye
  5. daimon

    Most famous Monster

    DooM mUnsters TOP 10! 1)Romero's Head 2)The Lord Cyber Demon! 3)Arch-vile 4)SS Nazi 5)Cacodemon 6)Imp 7)Spider Demon 8)Commander Keen 9)Baron of Hell & Hell knight 10)Former Human Commando ^_- bye by daimon
  6. daimon

    Doom vs Silent Hill

    Isn't a bad idea... but i played only the first chapter... Hmmmmmmm, Doomguy kills all that creatures in a foggy scary town isn't a bad idea, for real...
  7. daimon

    emo music

    Daimon says: GRIND CORE! CRIPPLE BASTARDS! LOCUST! SLAYER! WOOOOOOOHHHH! Thanks for saying than emo scene its only a big shit. I could bellieve only I. Record my scream in a DM fight? No way
  8. daimon

    emo music

    ^_^ ^_^;; -_- ._. ><_>< (daimon smiles) Hey what do you think about emo punk music? This kind of music gots a mix of punk hc, crossover in linkn park style and death growlings
  9. daimon

    anime TC?

    WTF impse a decent porn wad? Sure, doomguy fucks (i can said fucks? oh WTF) a imp is a masterpiece, really... But how do you think about a crazy japanese manga bitch going inside DooM ^_^ bye
  10. daimon

    anime TC?

    Hey how do you think about a some kind of Anime-style DooM TC? I mean a REAL total conversion, whit all levels,graphics,sounds and music, maybe in Requiem style? So, good bye to all and write what do you think!
  11. daimon

    anime TC?

    Why can't some one makes a anime-style TC, whit levels (all levels!), graphics, sounds and music? Maybe for Zdoom? For the game all the two DOOMs as good, and maybe also the "forgotten" Heretic. Isn't a bad idea, no? Told me what do you think about it! bye
  12. daimon

    Which monster's weapon would you use?

    The revenant rocket, beccause follows enemies.... [img]c:\documents and settings\cugio\documenti\immagini\images\anime1.jpg[/img]
  13. daimon

    Zdoom and the Death Match

    Hello to all! How i can play whit zdoom in deathmatch using bots?
  14. Hello to all! This is the first that I write to your forum. I want to makes you a question... as possible to play in deathmatch with zdoom whit bots or serves a motor on purpose type like Skulltag?Thanks for your availability and to the... "next time,scumbag".

    I'm sorry for the bad english,but i used the altavista translater...

    1. YukiRaven


      Yikes, it's times like this I dislike Altavista translator. I use it for Japanese to English myself and it makes really odd translations. What's your native language, out of curiosity?

      Anyways, I think you're asking if you can play with bots in Skulltag and ZDoom. There is a collection of bots here: http://www.doomworld.com/classicdoom/ports/index.php?platform=8
      On that page, download a bot. There should be instructions for use included in it. Skulltag also includes bots, if I remember correctly.

    2. Quast


      best post ever...
      scumbag? lolz

    3. Bloodshedder


      I'm guessing Italian.