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  1. foxxy

    On a Rampage

    ug, i am attacking no one....this is not my style. since dre has been out i have been attacked by several people on dc,and i didnt make the wad i am just his sister/beta tester. i am not one for forums i think they are harsh ,but i decided to post not sure why though. i am sorry to anyone i offened by my post anyone that knows me knows i am not a bad,harsh ,or judgmental. i feel since dre has come out i have seen more people play zdoom..a port which doesnt get played alot and i hope it dont disapear like cs doom did. i see alot of people inspired to map coop again,and i see alot of people playing doom isnt this what this comunity about? like i said i am sorry if i offended anyone this is why i dont do forums everything is taken wrong for the most part well i am done posting thank you .........i am off to play the game that brought us together doom..
  2. foxxy

    On a Rampage

    Learn to write complete words and comprehensible sentences before psting here!<<<is this a joke hmm ok btw ,posting hehehe see my point heh
  3. foxxy

    On a Rampage

    ok,i waited to post to hear all the complaining and bitching. three years ago my brother started dre. For all you guys dre isnt a mega wad its a total conversion.Second of all when he started he wasnt very good mapper just learning. as the map goes along in my opion it gets better you can see his mapping skill growing .isnt this what mapping is about? see i believe you guys rushed through it so you could hurry up and bitch.My opion you dont like it delete it.you people are very judgemental,half of you guys have a grudge against my brother for getting kicked or banned off of dc which is sad.....you guys are complaining about the mp3's --please,you mean to tell me you guys dont down load illegal shit ,HAHAHA what a joke i have played alot of maps with songs that dont belong.i believe the music in a game makes the wad . And i'm not very happy the way some of you butched the wad up by taking out the music "isnt this illegal"??he didnt give you guys permission did he ?well,i feel he did a good job and i have more important things to do ,like run a clan .well bro i see alot of people playing dre cant wait for 2.Bro see you do know who your friends are >>>enough said ! {please feel free to pick my response apartlike you pple on forums do :)