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  1. Second new Map: "Western Halls". I managed to free the stuck Sergeant! Another poor demon rescued!
  2. Ah tnx. Posted it there.
  3. ***A FISTFUL OF DOOM - Author: Gali editor for 'The WadFactory', 01/03/96 *** ***REMASTER 2023 by lulle*** https://doomwiki.org/wiki/A_Fistful_of_Doom A remaster of this glorious Mod from 1996. New Textures, sprites, items, models. Many balls and whistles from GZDOOM. +New Maps: "Bloody River" and "Western Halls" Changes: Map Changes: All maps converted to UDMF Added 3D Floors, Slopes, Terrain Effects, etc -Breakable Windows -Polyobject Doors -Healthbonus: It's Whiskey: 10 different types. Cheers. -Barrels: Added more types. Most Barrels drop some stuff. -Animals: Horses and birds are shootable, no real death animation, just feathers -New Animals: Angry Birds, chickens and dogs. -Added Coins. Money sacks are called "Fistful of Dollars" and the coins are just a "Dollar" -Textures upscaled, some hires textures added from DHTP -New Sprites for the Keys -Different Skull for Berserk. -More furniture: Tables, Chairs, etc. -Lots of new textures: Some generated with stable diffusion and new Signs, doors, etc. Weapons: -Axe: Why not? -Pistol: Pull your Pistol with altfire before shooting: More accuracy, more damage. -Shotgun: Nothing new. -Western Shotgun: Replaces SuperShotgun. Damage is about the same like the SSG. -Heavy MachineGun: Replaces Chaingun: It's the Wild West. Noone knows where the hell DoomSlinger ripped this beast. It's really heavy and not very reliable. -Dynamite: Replaces Rocketlauncher. Throw it or place some TNT on the ground and wait for BOOM! IDK what the TNT Launcher Thingy in the vanilla version was meant to be, it just made no sense to me*?* Enemies: -I wrote Classes for all Enemies. They are a bit stronger but behave like before- Whiskey will help. -Named them: Gunslinger, Cowboy, ShotGunner, Bandito, Sheriff. -New Deathsounds. The jingle was a bit annoying, so I replaced it with screams. -New Enemy: Chicken. -New Enemy: Angry Bird. -New Enemy: Zeke. Throws Molotow Cocktails. Map 01: -Visually improved -You need 300 Dollars to finish the Map. There are about 350 Dollars in the map, so it should be pretty easy. The most of the money is in the bank. -The Imp is retired. After 25 years of playing saloon music he is freed. You can beat him up if you need some Dollars. Map02 "A fistful of Tacos": -Added some secrets -The Revenant is also retired. His home is a small room in the church. Maybe he can help you? Map03: Bloody River *NEW MAP* You have to somehow get across the river. Archi the retrained Archvile will help you for 600 Dollars. You can find him in the central building in his gym. Yeah, he got 2 new Jobs now: Fitness Trainer and Fairyman. Collect 600 Dollars and talk to Archi. He will raise a bridge across the river and assist you in the final battle. Credits: -Gali for "A Fistful of DOOM" -DHTP for some hires textures -Blood/Monolith Productions: TNT Sprites -Batman Doom: Some Furniture and Angry Birds -Z86,Eriance: Heavy Chaingun -"Cowboy boots" (https://skfb.ly/ooKyQ) by Joe Roechow is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/). -"Very Low Poly Cowboy Hat" (https://skfb.ly/o9ppO) by sucholudek is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/). -"Barrels" (https://skfb.ly/oxqyy) by Tetiana_ is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/). -Axe: TheMightyHeracross, Blue Shadow, IDGamer -Western ShotGun: lolo_is_cool, Cory Whittle Screenshots: Fire up GZDOOM and Download here (V1,11)
  4. ***Moved to WAD Releases and Development***
  5. lulle

    Fade away...into the Void

    The Flashlight? I have no idea how the flashlight could crash the game but i'll take a look at it.
  6. lulle

    Fade away...into the Void

    Odd. Tell me the map that crashes it pls.
  7. lulle

    Fade away...into the Void

    Hi, it will work with anything you throw at it. The only cosmetic issue when not using stock textures: Doors and switches will we replaced with grey textures. They will still work but it doesnt look so nice and makes switches harder to find. So the switches aren't really lost, only the texture is gone.
  8. Thats a very nice idea! So I made a mod based on this idea that works with any map and even adds some features: Into the void
  9. The void is here. Parts of the world are devoured, other parts are changed. Monsters fade away into the void and get stronger and stronger. In the fight against the darkness, perhaps your flashlight will be helpful. The void tries to trick you. Always be ready... Credits: SinCity Shader by Rachael Download Only 2 MB-works with any map-use GZDOOM
  10. lulle

    Toon Doom

  11. lulle

    Toon Doom

    Demons are WiP. They look ugly ATM...
  12. lulle

    Toon Doom

    After trying to create a Cell Shader and failing I went the rocky way. Credits: AND Fred Weinhaus Cartoon Shader Settings: cartoon.sh -p 1 -e 8 -n 8 -s 110 Download: Textures Weapons Items Tested with GZDoom 4.10
  13. OK, infighting monsters is the key. Doom wads featured ths mod in 1 of his videos and easily got a count of 17 before he stopped recording. So maybe you CAN BEAT THIS! Also try this: A MOD somehow completly different....
  14. If you think Nightmare's difficulty isn't remotely fair, then you haven't played this mod. To beat this mod, you have to survive 99 waves. Post your counter below. Use GZDoom. Don't cheat! Get it here (if you dare)