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  1. RetroGamer

    More Frags!

    Can anyone give me a few quick pointers at how to play better multiplayer sessions? I'm using Zdaemon, and even if I do get a few frags, i'm getting killed a lot, sometimes even less than a second after i respawn. The gameplay is so frantic, for example, i'm having a lot of trouble aiming and timing. any tips?
  2. RetroGamer

    How did Doom change gaming for you?

    I think the overall reason DooM stands up to this days is because it looked "complete". I mean, somehow,most recent 3d games, from quake to farcry, try to look realistic and fail to do so (each generation fails less and less), whereas doom had some sort of comic book feel, that it just was what it was. It didn't strive for realism, it achieved its own reality. Hard to explain, but i think that's it.
  3. RetroGamer

    Doom 1 or 2?

    Final Doom, 'cause it's the first one I played that wasn't shareware. I remember i got it at the same time as warcraft 2... those were the days.
  4. RetroGamer

    Doom vs Silent Hill

    Isn't Cypress Hill rap?
  5. That guy deserves a frickin medal for that FAQ (did he get anything for it?). If you ask me, we could chip in, everyone in the community, a buck or two, to get him to update it, and include source ports and the like. God, I've got nothing to do...
  6. RetroGamer

    Doom vs Silent Hill

    What dead arachnotrons? :)
  7. RetroGamer

    Doom vs Silent Hill

    Heh, just imagine being the Doom guy in Silent Hill, and Harry Mason in hell, one having fun with the plasma gun at alchemilla hospital, and the other taking on a Baron with 12 shots in his handgun, two shotgun shells left and a crowbar. IMO the doom demons would laugh long and hard at Silent Hill's own spawns.
  8. RetroGamer

    Tunnel wads

    Can anyone suggest a good wad set in underground lairs and tunnels? similar to that Evilution map (like 16 or 17, can't remember dammit). Or maybe something on the lines of e3m2 : )
  9. RetroGamer

    What system did you have your 1st Doom expierence?

    I remember seeing it in a cousin's house, and i clearly remember it was phobos' lab. He was playing with a friend and he wouldn't let me near. i remember i was playing wolf3d back then, and Doom looked beyond cool! When i finally got it on shareware my pc was: 486 @ 100 mHz 8MB RAM 70MB HD (lol, i remember that there were times when i had to free up memory because Descent needed 15MB of free space, and i had only 3 -- man, 3MB of free space!!!) Windows 3.1 My soundcard was pretty generic, but it got sound out of doom. Sadly, that was my pc until 1996...
  10. RetroGamer

    More Frags!

    Thanks a lot, im gonna check those lmp's. P.s: Shit! i had to format my pc, and after installing doom again, i realized it was v1.666, now i can't play dm until i upgrade... damn
  11. RetroGamer


    is there any port for strife? cause my pc won't run properly, like with no sound, no music, no nothing, and the resolution itself is kinda tiring to the eyes.
  12. RetroGamer

    Games that DID live up to the hype.

    Megaman X!!! Daggerfall Starcraft DooM (IMO, as much as i love Super Metroid, MP brought the concept to 3D so good it's better)
  13. RetroGamer


    All american beer, except for Miller, which i quite enjoy, just don't make it for me. thank god for Indio! (Mexican)
  14. RetroGamer

    Ebay -- DOOM Anthology

    Good value? I don't think so. You could find all the games for much less than 100 dollars. perhaps the figurine is worth something extra...
  15. i like Theatre of tragedy, specially while playing E3. Others would be Tristania, Iron Maiden, and the occasional One (the song from Metallica, not a band). For Heretic, Rhapsody rules!
  16. RetroGamer

    Favorite map of all time.

    E3M2, just beautiful. always a surprise around every corner.
  17. RetroGamer

    Ways to become a better Doomer.

    IMO, you don't need a mouse to play fairly good. (I do, but that's not the point). Back then when I bought Final Doom, I finished Plutonia on HMP with the keyboard. As for training, I will always recommend episode 1. It's great at introducing the player gradually; I remember i got to beat it at UV after a few days practice. (Bless the good old days when all we had was that Shareware Doom, Heretic, Terminal Velocity, Dark Forces and Rise of the Triad CD.)
  18. RetroGamer

    Improved Doom

    Hello, avid doomers. I have been out of this community for a long time now, mostly for school (Well, maybe I passed unnoticed, but I was here). Anyway, I loaded up my old Doom and Doom 2 again, but I sincerely forgot what to download to improve the games. I hope you guys could give me a few pointers into what's new, what could I download and whatnot. Above all, keep DooMing! (sue me, Hank Leukart)
  19. RetroGamer

    jDoom's weird message

    Hello, I just downloaded jDoom ver 1.7.15 with installer, got everything up and listed all the wads. Now, when i try to play, all the things it has to load are loaded, but just when it's about to start, it gives me this message: "Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library Buffer overrun detected! Program: xxxxx\Doomsday.exe A buffer overrun has been detected which has corrupted the program's internal state. The program cannot safely continue execution and must be now terminated." Well, i don't have the faintiest idea of what that means. Help, anyone?
  20. RetroGamer

    Episode 3

    I don't see that ep3 is bad in any way. Actually e3m2 is my second favorite map on the original doom (first being e1m7). Yeah, maybe it wasn't very pleasing to the eyes, but the gameplay remained pretty good. Except for the last boss, that indeed sucked ass (or maybe what id was trying to say was that the spider mastermind was a defenseless wimp, and that you had obliterated all of its defenses)
  21. RetroGamer

    Games You'd Like to See Remade with the DOOM Engine

    I would love to see daggerfall in the doom engine. I would prefer 32 greatly designed levels in that game than the ton of randomly generated dungeons it had. also the faster pace would be incredible for gameplay.
  22. RetroGamer

    Improved Doom

    Thank a lot, that gave me a jumpstart!
  23. RetroGamer

    What's your favorite Monster

    I loved/hated the demons, especially on the little maze in e1m4. By the way, i guess threads like this one will keep appearing as there are new members joining, so a periodical thread like this one is not only expected, but useful to know their opinion :)