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  1. TwinBeast

    What's your Favorite Beer?

    Pyynikin American IPA and California Lager. Keisari premium Stout.
  2. TwinBeast

    How Do Ya Like Your Coffee?

    Mint-Chocolate flavoured coffee grounds, oat milk and agave syrup. Instant coffee if I make ice coffee. Salmiakkikossu is nice in ice coffee for some flavour.
  3. TwinBeast

    Does Anyone Agree With This Mindset?

    Suppose it works better when people yell insults at me in the street.
  4. TwinBeast

    Does Anyone Agree With This Mindset?

    I just give them the finger and walk away without looking back.
  5. TwinBeast

    Post a picture of yourself!

    Something I thought to wear at a Halloween party, but plans changed...
  6. TwinBeast

    Hell Denizen (a new name, ignore fp)

    The game has splitscreen from 2 to 4 players. So far 2 player splitscreen coop has been fun. Survival was sort of fun too, but enemies kinda spawned too fast and as players respawned, there wasn't a similar survive as long as possible feeling as when playing it solo. Need to think something for that. Deathmatch was kinda empty with just 2 players, so it should be possible to have some AI players in too. Have also added muzzleflashes for the weapons. HUD could be without the background, though maybe then the bottom hud icons should have some background boxes (no boxes for the numbers)?
  7. TwinBeast

    Favourite Medieval/Fantasy Melee Weapon?

    A pen.
  8. TwinBeast

    Share a random fact about yourself

    My 2nd shot went like... high fever for a few hours at night, next day slight tiredness, but mostly normal, no chills or aches. But then for over a month time I couldn't do heavy exercise without getting some feverish feelings and sore throat the next day. Light exercise like swimming for a bit was ok, but weight lifting, nope. And some other random fact: I stress and worry way too much, a bit more recently than usually. I think it's causing me hyperprolactinemia. I seem to be unable to relax properly when I'm alone.
  9. TwinBeast

    Hell Denizen (a new name, ignore fp)

    Testing some glsl post processing shaders. 320x200 and 256 colors. This might be used default (at least the colors?). Has some little issues with fullbright stuff that use dark colors as there's also an effect that makes darkness bluish gray, so any dark color gets that effect even if it was something fullbright. And another thing is that all the purples/violets are toward the red, none toward the blue, but it could display pretty much any other color with colored lighting. Maybe it would be enough to just adjust the pink/purple to become blue/violet with the darker shades? Should probably also figure out a better way to do the palette effect, at least years ago this way used to make the framerate crawl in my old computer. Would feel pretty strange to need a powerful computer to run a game in 256 colors. Pico 8 palette, 320x200, 16 colors per scanline, total 31 colors used from all the colors available in it (black needed to be in both scanlines). If I understood correctly how to use more than 16 colors in Pico 8, then this would be possible (but yea, don't know for sure, have only played Poom with it, never developed anything with it). Gameboy 4 color palette in 320x288 resolution, kinda unplayble. Monochrome palette could be ok if it had more shades. And another Pico 8, this one with all 32 colors, but in 128x128 resolution, can you even see there's zombies and bigger monsters coming your way? Also very unplayble.
  10. TwinBeast

    the most important poll in human history

    Smooth peanut butter with no sugar and blueberry raspberry jam. This has kinda become my vegan cheese replacement.
  11. TwinBeast

    Anyone here Watch Sumo?

    Not watching it, but I've tried it. Back when I was in judo, sometimes we had sumo matches for warmup. It was kinda fun.
  12. TwinBeast

    Hell Denizen (a new name, ignore fp)

    Powerups, from left to right: 100 health, invulnerability, invisibility, hazard suit, lightning shield and 200 health & armor. Invulnerability is 30 seconds, immediately used. Invisibility is 45 seconds, immediately used, doesn't function when touching liquids (timer halted). Hazard Suit is 60 seconds, functions when completely submerged in water (is like extra oxygen) or touching slime or lava, slime and lava use it a bit faster than 60 seconds. Lightning Shield protects 50% damage and fires a lightning bolt at the attacker, has 10 shots, no timer, doesn't work when touching liquids unless also have the invulnerability. Then some thunder and lightning. Maybe there should be some indication where the lightning strikes, so player can have a skill based chance to avoid getting hit.
  13. TwinBeast

    The first time you registered..

    I don't remember anymore, so I'll just say I noticed the Doomworld Blue.
  14. TwinBeast

    Corn on pizza

    I've been thinking about putting chocolate on a pizza, but it should be the 100% kind, not something with sugar in it, then also chili. There's some frozen chocolate pizza in shops, but that's a dessert sort of pizza with just sweet stuff in it. So how does this sound for a pizza: tomato sauce, garlic, basil, cheese (vegan), 100% chocolate, strong chili, corn, seitan or something similar, cherry tomatoes. Then call the pizza Satan's Dark Delight.
  15. TwinBeast

    Poll: Do You Have Facial Hair?

    Apparently. Tried lasering it off, but it came back after a few months, even more after a year. Though my girlfriend says she doesn't even notice it, maybe she's just being polite and doesn't want me to stress about having facial hair. Also kinda embarrased about the sound the electric razor makes.