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  1. Here's Kleopatra exploring...
  2. I like the pistol, too bad it gets so little use later. Also there's a ninja with a sword in the chainsaw...
  3. While playing Doom64, 2 lost souls got into a never ending feud with each other. Both had a line of sight, but there was a pillar blocking the attack, so they didn't move anywhere, and just kept attacking and hitting the pillar. Thought they'd reset after hitting the pillar and attack player.
  4. Cutting hair is pretty fun. I came out of the closet yesterday and today to some friends literally and figuratively. Made a little picture serie how things have gone in my life and how they're going now...
  5. Just cleaned the dust from my laptop, so I can play without overheating. Played Doom64 every morning 2 levels. Maybe I play Dead Space or Red Faction next.
  6. Where can I get startan2 wallpaper for my home?
  7. Lip herpes... just had it month ago, and now again. I think I got it from some gross warm bad tasting/smelling air that was coming out from a vent that I accidently inhaled lungs full. I had just finished running and breathed heavily. Hyrrghh!
  8. My keyboard spacebar has a picture of a little human figure looking like jumping. Alternatively it could be sitting and drinking. I used some wsad like controls but on the other side of the keyboard when I tried keyboard on the right hand and mouse on the left hand.
  9. Are we going to have Doom in the next universe?
  10. Lovely skull thingy... I was also testing some... uhh... halloween costume...
  11. Didgeridoom... I hadn't played them for some years, suddenly thought to play some. I tried to say Doom while playing... maybe some more practice on that...



    I have a wooden and a plastic one. My brother made the wooden one, and I painted the plastic tube with spray paint.



  12. Dodge this rocket... yes... dodge this rocket... yes... dodge into rocket... yes... boom!
  13. I like these... Pan's Labyrinth Alien Event Horizon Pitch Black Braindead
  14. I encountered a snail threesome just recently...
  15. Running and long walks, zen with a sword, playing games, piano, music, sitting on a sofa, baking, sleeping and dreaming.