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  1. I collect dust with the vacuum cleaner.
  2. I saw the first Guardians of the Galaxy and some other loosely related movies. It was pretty fun.
  3. Round one... Fight!



    1. Xyzzy01


      Literal Shadowboxingtm

    2. MarsHappyNation


      Trust nobody... Not even your own shadow.

    3. Ichor


      Now, now...perfectly symmetrical violence never solved anything.

  4. I don't know yet but there are some interesting people I'd like to meet.
  5. I like the plasmagun. Sometimes I practice 2 shotting cybers, but then it's like save/load against the same cyber for a while, maybe sometimes 1 shot and then finish it off with something else. If there are multiple cybers and plenty of cells then I like using it.
  6. @GoatLord I've thought if I get a cat, I'll get one like that... without hair. Found my old leopard shirt that I got some 10 years ago. It's a bit too small now. It was a bit small back then too. Maybe I should get a new one. Made better fake boobs from just rolled up socks. They're pretty hot, but at least they don't press hard against the chest like the previous ones.
  7. Signed up to some psychology courses. Starts in couple of weeks. I can study it from home as it's completely through internet. I study better at home... although I'd like to meet new people.


    Other than that I've not done much progress on anything. Been kind of stuck with the 16 color palette... what do I do with it? I want it to have like "all" colors and also enough shades, but that just doesn't fit into 16...

  8. Currently have a level 40 martial artist in Anarchy Online. Maybe this time I'll have patience to level up to 200.
  9. Played this with my keyboard a while ago...

    Idea was to play about the same thing with both hands, octave lower & higher.

  10. Sometimes I wear earmuffs in the toilet. Usually when my upstair neighbours are in their toilet at the same time. Sometimes it feels like they live there, because they always seem to be in their toilet when I go into my toilet.
  11. Something like that for me too. I put 4 bananas in burrito sauce some month ago.
  12. I think a new day starts at sunrise or 6am. But I don't wake up that early. I put kiwifruit in pizza. I call pineapple ananas even when talking english.
  13. Got the skirt at "right" size... It's still a bit bigger than the pants with the same size number. Now I just need a red cape.
  14. I had a bathroom spider too. She was there for couple of weeks, then went for a walk around the house, made a return back to the bathroom, but died on the threshold. There it was dead the next morning. Aww... I really liked that spider.
  15. Was trying some fake boobs and new clothes. I ordered a red skirt, but it was one size too big, so I'm returning/changing it. Apparently the pants I have had french sizes.. and finnish sizes are different.