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  1. TwinBeast

    Share pictures of your city!

    Was I just waiting for snow before posting in this again? Some football field. Years ago in the beginning of summer, I went to do some sword practice with a bokken here, and some kid panics and yells to me not to come any closer when I started my training session. I was just doing one step forward & cut, one step backward & cut. A long pedestrian road. They tore down a building on the left and are building new building there. On the right there's the swimming pool / gym I go to, though I think it is closed now for a while. I kinda like the wall texture on the swimming pool / gym building.
  2. And in one of the secret levels the thief bot respawns everytime you destroy it.
  3. Reminds me when I wanted to silence confessor Cromwell by killing him (he's just so loud 24/7). I'm well hidden and equipped with a sniper rifle, no one can see or hear me. I shoot Cromwell, and somehow the entire town of Megaton instantly knows I killed Cromwell, even if they had been on the other side of the town. Tried several different approaches to this problem, but they always know.
  4. TwinBeast

    Ask random questions, and they will be answered.

    Maybe you were already gay, and it wasn't the porn that did it. Why do I sometimes make porn that I don't show to anyone? I don't even watch porn.
  5. I guess he's doing this:
  6. TwinBeast

    The New Doomworld Pet Thread

    Kleo hugging a chick and eating it a bit later. She's going back into the terrarium.
  7. TwinBeast

    Post your weirdest finding on the internet

    I don't remember what it was, and it was probably NSFW.
  8. I just use my real name. Though suppose I could make an order next time with the name Mechasorlag.
  9. TwinBeast

    How old are you ?

    Yesterday I was 13000 days old, noticed it after midnight when I was already a little older, so I didn't celebrate it. That's 50 "years" with the 260 day Aztec Calendar.
  10. TwinBeast

    the f#ck that thread

    Who do I have to fuck to get off this boat? I put that quote from Alien Resurrection in some psychologist evaluation fill these sentences assignment. Then she asked what it was about, and I just told I was just quoting Ripley from that movie.
  11. TwinBeast

    Post a picture of yourself!

    @leodoom85 It's just my water bottle. Might get thirsty while destroying worlds.
  12. TwinBeast

    Post a picture of yourself!

    Now I am become Death, the Destroyer of Worlds.
  13. TwinBeast

    Why You Chose The Username You Did

    In irc my alternatives are TripleBeast, QuadBeast and PentaBeast. Today my modem was behaving weird and my TwinBeast nick got stuck for a bit and now I'm online as TripleBeast. My net connection / modem has never behaved so badly that QuadBeast or PentaBeast would have made an appearance. I wonder if we'll ever see InvisiBeast.
  14. TwinBeast

    Why You Chose The Username You Did

    Wanted something gender neutral. Played around with the video game name generator, eventually it gave me Twin <something-I've-forgotten> Beast. Thought the Twin and Beast sounded good together. Doesn't come from Twin Peaks, like a lot of people have asked in a chat.
  15. TwinBeast

    Christmas wish list

    Boy/girl/enbyfriend, preferably before christmas.