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  1. TwinBeast

    Post a picture of yourself!

    I want too! Ok, and now I'm hungry. Was just sitting on the floor.
  2. TwinBeast

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Quake Live... Just reached 100 wins recently. Next goal is 100000 frags. Here's my useless stats and medals: I don't use much Quad. Probably all Quad Gods are from camping with the fist at the top of the Asylum. Would like to get some more captures, but not much CTF/etc going on. Trying to get Impressives higher than Revenges.
  3. TwinBeast

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    @leodoom85nicely colored Mommy, why?
  4. TwinBeast

    Share a random fact about yourself

    I have collected 91 cats with the Android Neko cat collecting easter egg game. Kinda lost interest in it when updates made them stop purring when the cats arrived. Learned english from computer games and my mom, she also taught me the swear words when I was 5 or 6. She also taught me a sentence containing the F word twice as a verb and an adjective to say to someone who had been mean to me at some daycare place. Next time meeting that someone, I said the sentence, he looked at me eyes big and round, not understanding anything I had said, then continued whatever he was doing. I was glad I had insulted him, but kinda disappointed that it had been completely ineffective. Later switched to a different daycare place.
  5. TwinBeast

    Share a random fact about yourself

    Bench pressed 50kg 5 times. It's my record now. Tried 60kg some time earlier, could lower it, but needed help getting it back up. I don't make many different kinds of food, but I make some really great oven pancake. It's so soft, thick and like melts in the mouth.
  6. TwinBeast

    Blood vs Shadow Warrior

    I like both, depends on my mood which one I like better. The shadow ninjas were a bit irritating surprise when first encountered. The shareware version didn't have them? Then playing the shareware episode in the registered version and suddenly, where the hell did that flame bomb come from? The big stone gargoyles in Blood are kinda bugged, no idea what (ranged) weapon to use on them, so I just crouch and fork them until they die without them being able to do anything.
  7. TwinBeast

    What are your least favorite Duke Nukem 3D levels?

    Only really played the first episode. From it, didn't like the canyon level. Too much the same rock stuff everywhere, don't know where to go there. Then played the second episode in coop once, but don't remember much of anything of it. My coop friend kind of went through the levels fast as he knew them better. Episode 3 tried just about the first two levels. No idea what's in the rest of the episodes. I liked Blood and Shadow Warrior better, but haven't played them that much either to know what's my favourite or least favourite levels. Overall feeling from them is that they had more fun levels than Duke.
  8. Unless there's lots of other players in the water or nearby and want to gib them all (and if you have the pentagram). More cells result in bigger/higher damage explosion. For weapon selection keys, use keys that are fast to press. Quake has instant weapon switches, so you could use weapon combos easier with better weapon selection keys than having them all in the 1 to 8 number keys.
  9. Kinda annoyed, have motivation to work on game stuff, but still 3 (or 5) school assignments need to do (one of them is really long and kinda boring too), preferably before next monday (not going to happen). Work practice starts then, but really only need to have them done before the final week of the work practice.


    Just might not be able to start the work practice on next monday, because need to show my criminal record for the teacher to see if there's anything (serious) in it, or if it's an empty record. Just ordered it yesterday (thought I needed to know the exact place I go to, but didn't, it was more vague), and also heard some people telling they've been waiting for their records for a month. Info on the website said it should only take about a week. Uhhuh.


    Maybe need to reorganize my timetable, so that I'd have at least one day in the week for game development. Now just haven't dared to do any, what if I'd lose focus on the school stuff, and it's been going so well now. But don't want to get so annoyed, that I'd quit it to work on games and eventually lose motivation and get even less (than nothing) done.

  10. TwinBeast

    what is your favourite Power Weapon in FPS history?

    Railgun from Quake 2. Sure there is the BFG10K too, but the Railgun is better. Get to carry 100 slugs for it, instant hit, go through multiple enemies. The BFG10K use 50 cells per shot, so that's just 6 shots, and cells are better used for the Power Shield. In Hexen I like the Sapphire Wand, it's kinda like an unlimited ammo railgun. Then just line up the centaurs into some bottleneck area and *zup zup zup zup*
  11. TwinBeast

    Tinder: have you used it? Do you recommend it?

    I tried it for a month previous summer. The first profile I see has a pic of someone's feet by a swimming pool with no text in the profile. Umm... yea, ok. Eventually got some match and in the second message she asks for more pictures. Unmatches after a while when I didn't respond. Got some another match, talk couple of weeks, but neither of us were asking the other for a date, then it kind of faded away. Then there was a third match who asked to meet me almost immediately. Wonder about it for a day, then replied yes just to see what happens. She waits for a day and unmatches me. Then there was also a 4th match who never said anything and I didn't say anything either. Then kind of forgot tinder. Now it's sometimes posting notifications that there are new people in my area, or that I've received some likes, and should start swiping to find out who they are. When will it post a notification about uninstalling it? Today someone asked my age and then about dating in Quake Live when I moaned something with a microphone/voice message. Months earlier there was someone else asking for some nude pics of me when I had been a little flirty. Would probably work better than Tinder if people just didn't live so far away. At school there are 9 others in the same class, and only 2 of them are single and don't have children yet, and from these 2, only 1 of them has been actively present at the school. Maybe I'll try some other online dating when summer comes closer if nothing happens with anyone at school.
  12. TwinBeast

    Share a random fact about yourself

    Not being social is being asocial. Anti-social is being harmful to others. I'm studying to be a practical nurse. Have lots of school assignments and haven't had any time to work on games. I'll try to find some time next year. Also it took me 33 years to buy my first underwear. Finally did it this year summer.
  13. TwinBeast

    CyberShade - Another Video

    Maybe some release when I've finished, temporarily disabled or just removed the experimental features and cleaned up the IWAD. The wad is filled with lots of mismatching or unused content that has become weirdly recolored after every palette change. The 4 colors palette with more shades felt like it was missing one color. Changed it back to the 5 colors with 3 shades and have some cyberspace look. New HUD and some view sprites. If after this feel like it should have more colors or shades, then goodbye 16 color palette. The flight is a powerup now, but didn't appear in the video. Currently the "inventory weapon" is selected at the same time as the normal weapon. Pressing the same weapon selection key again swaps the weapon to the other side. Move Down(/Crouch?) + Move Up/Jump does a super jump which use 5 energy points. Energy and Hit Points both recharge slowly if under 100, Hit Points recharge slower. Items in levels can increase both up to 200. The key items were not yet used, they're probably going to be used with some activator line special that activates other lines, so they could be used with any line specials, not just doors. There's no sounds yet, want to redo them (all?), so I made some glitchy music from an accidental recording of eating delicious bread while recording the demo playback into the video. One of my first ideas for sound effects were to make them a little like pc speaker sounds, but then I never really tried that. Maybe now that could fit. Then have ambient sounds something like music. Should think of a way to get more controls into the level editor for the ambient sounds. Maybe a line special that spawns a dummy mobj (into the mid point of the line) that takes in parameters from a control sector (and from the line too?). Screenshots... Grenades, the timers are animated, the explosion does little damage every frame it's on. Firing the multi mini missiles. Player fires 6 of them in a sequence. There's a cheat that spawns more sparks and allows them to last longer.
  14. TwinBeast

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Made a mockup HUD, so not ingame yet. Has level timer, target hitpoints, credits/score at the top. Bottom left has keys in green, and permanent keys in purple. Unlocking a locked door use 1 to 10 keys, permanent keys decrease the amount of keys needed. Energy in aqua, hitpoints in orange. Double bars if they're above 100. Bottom right has owned & selected weapons and their ammo counts. Maybe one set of weapons is like inventory items and only show up as HUD icons, the other set can have view sprites.
  15. TwinBeast

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Tried more cyberspace look for my game. Made item sprites with letters in each, then realised the whole alphabet isn't going to be enough, some letters would be duplicated, and some no idea what they'd do. Maybe something else for the items then. Turned the flight into a powerup, there can be some other movement powerups too. Maybe I also want to redo the HUD, take the best parts of each HUD design. Kinda liked the very first HUD with the large chunky bars with no numbers in it. This was some jump height test area. With super jump powerups player might be able to jump to the tallest step. Slightly different palette. Don't know which one I like better. This is 5 colors with 3 shades, the other is 5 colors with 4 shades with shared dark colors.