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  1. TwinBeast

    CyberShade - Another Video

    Maybe some release when I've finished, temporarily disabled or just removed the experimental features and cleaned up the IWAD. The wad is filled with lots of mismatching or unused content that has become weirdly recolored after every palette change. The 4 colors palette with more shades felt like it was missing one color. Changed it back to the 5 colors with 3 shades and have some cyberspace look. New HUD and some view sprites. If after this feel like it should have more colors or shades, then goodbye 16 color palette. The flight is a powerup now, but didn't appear in the video. Currently the "inventory weapon" is selected at the same time as the normal weapon. Pressing the same weapon selection key again swaps the weapon to the other side. Move Down(/Crouch?) + Move Up/Jump does a super jump which use 5 energy points. Energy and Hit Points both recharge slowly if under 100, Hit Points recharge slower. Items in levels can increase both up to 200. The key items were not yet used, they're probably going to be used with some activator line special that activates other lines, so they could be used with any line specials, not just doors. There's no sounds yet, want to redo them (all?), so I made some glitchy music from an accidental recording of eating delicious bread while recording the demo playback into the video. One of my first ideas for sound effects were to make them a little like pc speaker sounds, but then I never really tried that. Maybe now that could fit. Then have ambient sounds something like music. Should think of a way to get more controls into the level editor for the ambient sounds. Maybe a line special that spawns a dummy mobj (into the mid point of the line) that takes in parameters from a control sector (and from the line too?). Screenshots... Grenades, the timers are animated, the explosion does little damage every frame it's on. Firing the multi mini missiles. Player fires 6 of them in a sequence. There's a cheat that spawns more sparks and allows them to last longer.
  2. TwinBeast

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Made a mockup HUD, so not ingame yet. Has level timer, target hitpoints, credits/score at the top. Bottom left has keys in green, and permanent keys in purple. Unlocking a locked door use 1 to 10 keys, permanent keys decrease the amount of keys needed. Energy in aqua, hitpoints in orange. Double bars if they're above 100. Bottom right has owned & selected weapons and their ammo counts. Maybe one set of weapons is like inventory items and only show up as HUD icons, the other set can have view sprites.
  3. TwinBeast

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Tried more cyberspace look for my game. Made item sprites with letters in each, then realised the whole alphabet isn't going to be enough, some letters would be duplicated, and some no idea what they'd do. Maybe something else for the items then. Turned the flight into a powerup, there can be some other movement powerups too. Maybe I also want to redo the HUD, take the best parts of each HUD design. Kinda liked the very first HUD with the large chunky bars with no numbers in it. This was some jump height test area. With super jump powerups player might be able to jump to the tallest step. Slightly different palette. Don't know which one I like better. This is 5 colors with 3 shades, the other is 5 colors with 4 shades with shared dark colors.
  4. TwinBeast

    Post a picture of yourself!

    Went into Helsinki Pride today. There were apparently some 100000 people there. At first I was having panic attacks when I went to the starting place for the march. Again when the march started. Eventually I calmed down. Was delighted to see the toilets when arriving at the park area with the concert. Lucky I brought my own toilet paper, because the toilet paper was all gone. Met with some online friend for the first time and we were dancing for some hour or something. Ate some vegetarian burrito with seitan in it, sounds like satan, burned my tongue in it, it was so hot. Met with some more people later. When I got back closer to home, there was hardly anyone around. Colors are still flashing in my eyes, feel kind of like high, though I only had water. Was a very fun day, survived through my fears of large crowds, bright light and large areas, and could be just myself. The friend took this pic. Whole journey in the link above.
  5. TwinBeast

    Post your Gamer Throne®

    This little kitchen chair... I have 4 of them. Only 1 of them is in the kitchen. I used to have an office chair too, but it had this horrible mesh fabric on it that was impossible to keep clean. I thought it would be airy, but it was just as sweaty as everything else. Well, actually, this chair cushion is much better.
  6. There was a pretty sunset at this hill today.





    1. leodoom85


      Amazing sunset. Truly a gift.

  7. TwinBeast

    Liking posts

    Where's the BFG9000 like?
  8. I was playing REλL-LIFE2 today... it went pretty well. Was a bit chilly and windy. Everywhere some kind of construction work going on.



  9. Dreamed about playing with my snake. In the dream we could crawl around together. Played with her today some too, but I was merely an observer now.


    Here's some images of her going around the house: https://imgur.com/a/VLU18y7

  10. TwinBeast

    How are you doing?

    Been trying to change my sleep rhythm to something more normal. It's not going very well yet. Alarm set at 10am, but can't get up until noon. I have applied for a school and there's an entry exam on next thursday... and probably need to wake up at 5-6am. The entry exam includes written stuff, some group assignment and an interview by the teacher and a psychologist... huhhuh. Am I going to be a zombie there? It's about massage. If I don't get into this, I'll apply for another. This one just is in an easier place to travel to than the other. Previous year I applied for a school too, the written part went ok. The interview part was so late that I had drifted into zombie mode and... my... speech... was... like... this... slow. So I didn't get in then. Hopefully this time goes better. Really need something more to life than just hobby game development.
  11. TwinBeast

    CyberShade - Another Video

    It's not abandoned, sometimes I just need a break, sometimes a longer break... I recently added a game profile for it on moddb http://www.moddb.com/games/cybershade, though it seems none of the images there are currently visible? Maybe I'll make the monsters go into retreat mode for a moment if they're just above/below player, so they'll move into a place where player can aim at them. The newest set of enemies include enemies that fire slower projectiles. Don't know if they look better, probably simpler, have some animations and backsides too. Haven't fully decided on if the flight is permanent or some powerup. Level design for flight levels is kinda fun, not having to worry if someone can rocket jump over some obstacle and skip half the level. Well, here's some screenshot... They shoot multiple projectiles and hurl themselves at player.
  12. TwinBeast

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Redrawn most of the sprites... next some bigger enemies and the player. Some choppy animation...
  13. TwinBeast

    Doomworld's thread of adorable!

    Found this in the middle of a road...
  14. TwinBeast

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    @Myst.HarukoMaybe if the sky faded to yellow at the bottom it would fit better. Tried some simpler sprite style, with a few frames of animation, they don't have backsides yet. Maybe I don't render the sprites from models, then I'd want to use the models ingame. Another little change in the palette, 4 color ranges with 5 shades with some shared dark colors, then swap the palette for other colors. Scrapped the chiaroscuro idea, it just kinda looked broken/glitchy, should have more than 16 colors in the palette for that to work nicely. New asteroids... they're also semi-intelligent and randomly move toward player. Should each asteroid size have a different color, or just random?
  15. TwinBeast

    Share a random fact about yourself

    I have mycophobia, heliophobia, agoraphobia and demophobia. I've had mycophobia since I was a child. Helio-, agora- and demophobias came with social anxiety. All these phobias are not so bad anymore, but I don't want to eat or touch mushrooms, and still prefer to go out when the sun has started to set and keep my home somewhat dark.