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  1. Still part of christian church, but witchcraft and zen interest me more and feel more likely to be true. Just bought 2kg of salt. Had a weird feeling in my thumb for a long time after someone that I don't like touched it. Grounded sea salt, black pepper and some cloves, then rubbed it into the thumb and sprinkled it around the house. I think it worked, yey! Was good with chicken too.
  2. Nice songs what I listened so far. Made something psychedelic with FluidR3_GM instruments. They were pretty fun to use.
  3. Here's some updates to Hectic... Fixed some tuttifrutti in the step textures below exit signs, added a secret for disabling the damage floor at the start, made the arachnotron rooms a little longer, changed the brown bricks to gstone, texture changes in the soulsphere and blue armor alcoves, added some coop nightmare imps into the first platform room, invulnerability available on all skills, added some monster block flags into the second platform room and moved deathmatch starts around the level.
  4. Gibbing zombies with barrels is pretty fun.
  5. My sleep rhythm is about completely reversed. I go sleep when the sun is rising, and wake up when the sun is setting or after. During winter I hardly ever see sunlight.
  6. @GoatLordThe last shot makes me think it's a place where they grow those vines. Training area.. luring player to the right direction with credits... Then there's some watery maze area... And some combat training against slow moving targets firing slow moving projectiles...
  7. Really likes to run toward exploding barrels... but doesn't want to fire the rocket launcher... It survived E1M1 to E1M4 and died there.. tough going in E1M9. Saving and loading seems to confuse it.
  8. Just started testing it... Noticed there's a secret exit in the void level.. used it and player is back to the same level again. There were also 4 imps on pillars that were too far for autoaim to hit them, though the rocket explosion damage can kill the ones on the lower pillars. The higher pillars need player to lure the cacodemons to infight them. Rocket also pushed one of the revenants down from the pillar.. perhaps have block monsters flags on the lines there? Map01 was missing 3 barrels!
  9. @BreezeepCool city/castle stuff there. Started on a Start level, this is the sight at the spawn point. Maybe add some glowy signs for each corridor here. Here's some episode/mission selection area. After each mission, success or failure, you'll return back to this level. Other areas could be a tutorial, difficulty selection and a shop for buying stuff.
  10. @dobu gabu maruFun light effect, always liked it in Hexen Automap asteroids? And regular view... maybe could make couple more shapes.
  11. Made this some years ago...
  12. Made the palette have 5 colors with 3 shades, then it's sort of like the 4 color palette. Maybe I'll just use this palette layout so I can move on with the project. This one has grey, red, yellow, cyan and purple. This one has red, yellow, green, cyan and purple. The cyan is a little bit desaturated, so it might work as a sort of grey.
  13. Usually I eat burritos with tomato, chili, chickpea or bean, vegetable/etc sauce, mix it with some peanut butter or tahini and hemp seeds and cheddar. Sometimes I eat chicken. Sometimes I make pizza, like yesterday. I only put some red pesto, sundried tomatos and black olives, then mozzarella, bluecheese and cheddar. The base had rye, sunflower, sesame and poppyflower seeds and turmeric powder. It tastes like spaghetti sauce with meat. For desserts I make jam and chocolate buns or chocolate chip cookies, or just eat chocolate, and some liquorice. Maybe sometimes ice cream or that other that's somewhere between yoghurt and ice cream. Then I have a half eaten box of dates and some pistachios.
  14. @bioshockfan90such a tranquil place... Tried some more 4 color palettes, but if they have no red and green, or the colors are flipped, the target rectangle stuff becomes useless or confusing. With some 8 colors the important colors can stay as they are, while others can change. The colors change smooth, and PLAYPAL don't need damage or bonus flashes. Also made an automatic screenshotter commandline option.
  15. @Rayziikkinda like it discolored.