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Status Updates posted by TwinBeast

  1. There was a pretty sunset at this hill today.





    1. leodoom85


      Amazing sunset. Truly a gift.

  2. I was playing REλL-LIFE2 today... it went pretty well. Was a bit chilly and windy. Everywhere some kind of construction work going on.



  3. Dreamed about playing with my snake. In the dream we could crawl around together. Played with her today some too, but I was merely an observer now.


    Here's some images of her going around the house: https://imgur.com/a/VLU18y7

  4. I made some brownies or something. They taste like caramel and chocolate.




    For the base I put some left over coconut flour, then lots of oatmeal to fill the bowl to the 2 litre line, 100g ground hazel and pecan nuts each, 200g cocoa flour, 1kg of honey, 400g butter, little olive oil, some baking soda, some ground kardamom and clove. It became 2 flatcakes, which I had in the oven for some 15 minutes in 200 celsius, though perhaps a little less (time or heat) would have been enough. There's some burnt taste in the corner/border pieces.


    For the top I melted 100g butter and 400g dark chocolate and sprinkled some almond chips for decoration. Total 48 cake pieces. Really yummy sweet. Somewhere between soft and crispy.

  5. This little flail appeared in my teacup today. Didn't find a direct explanation to it, so I combined these explanations: weapon: warning... chain: love, engagement, marriage... hammer: some challenging situation, overcoming obstacles...


    Let's see how that goes. Maybe it's about a phone call on next monday from a doctor.



    1. Eris Falling

      Eris Falling

      It means you can defeat tiny enemies :)

  6. Did some model based on one of my sprites. Don't know if I make it any further than this. Sure would be nice to have multi angle sprites with some animations.


  7. Hadn't heard from my brother in 3 weeks, had just thought about that a few days ago, then suddenly today he called and we talked for an hour. It was pretty nice.

  8. Came out of the closet to my brother last night, been trying to do it for some months now. Had a dream about doing it the night before, so I thought it would be a good day to tell him. Told that he now has a sister and my new name. He took it pretty well. Don't know when I'll tell my parents anything, don't tell them much about anything in my life. Well, maybe next summer I'll tell, unless they happen to ask before. I'm not exactly hiding this much anymore.

  9. Didgeridoom... I hadn't played them for some years, suddenly thought to play some. I tried to say Doom while playing... maybe some more practice on that...



    I have a wooden and a plastic one. My brother made the wooden one, and I painted the plastic tube with spray paint.



  10. Found some snails during my nightly trip outside...



  11. Round one... Fight!



    1. Xyzzy01


      Literal Shadowboxingtm

    2. MarsHappyNation


      Trust nobody... Not even your own shadow.

    3. Ichor


      Now, now...perfectly symmetrical violence never solved anything.

  12. Signed up to some psychology courses. Starts in couple of weeks. I can study it from home as it's completely through internet. I study better at home... although I'd like to meet new people.


    Other than that I've not done much progress on anything. Been kind of stuck with the 16 color palette... what do I do with it? I want it to have like "all" colors and also enough shades, but that just doesn't fit into 16...

  13. Played this with my keyboard a while ago...

    Idea was to play about the same thing with both hands, octave lower & higher.

  14. Today some teen on a bicycle asked me if I'm a girl. I wanted to say some word, but no words came out. My reply was somewhere between laughing and hissing.


    Also I finally managed to end that long distance relationship I had. It lasted 8 months and didn't ever meet. And now when it was finally possibly possible to meet, I was too bored and exhausted to meet. Felt relieved. Maybe now I can get something done for my game.

  15. Made some chocolate oatmeal cookies last night. Turned out pretty good. Kind of soft cake like inside.


    I put these in it, in this order, and mixed them in a bowl:

    20dl oatmeal

    1.5dl sesame seeds

    200g cocoa powder

    400g melted butter

    500g honey

    0.5dl olive oil

    200g dark baking chocolate chips


    Then made 32 balls and squashed them flat. Baked 8-10mins in 200-225 celsius.



    1. TootsyBowl


      Soft cookies beat the living shit out of crunchy cookies any day.

  16. I've tried to end this one relationship 3 times now, it has continued for some 4 months now and have not actually met her. This has made me very annoyed, and feels like my mental health has taken a few steps back. I was supposed to apply for some schools, clean more, check my snake more often, but I forgot.. even forgot to water the plants regularly. Pretty sure one of the plants is now dead. And my sleep rhythm has gone completely flipped. It hasn't been this bad for a very long time now, and has never been this bad for so long. Previous year things were going pretty good...


    After trying to end it, her initial response is insult and how she was just about to talk about meeting, and then shift into telling me how bad she feels and asking me back together. If I reply to any of these messages, pretty soon she's like there was no break up and we're back together, though I just wanted to tell why it's a good thing for her too that it ended. Couple days go after she's pulled me back together and then she tells me how something came up and can't meet anytime soon.


    This 3rd time, week ago, after trying to end it, I was talking about it with someone, and said: "if I reply to her messages, pretty soon we're back together..." and that happened. Don't know why I let it continue, did I just want to see if the same thing happens yet again, just to confirm what I already knew? It's possible she really is very shy, and I can understand making excuses for not meeting because of that, but the result is more damage than good. I just can't be in this relationship anymore and I can't trust her not to make more.


    I should end it, right?

    1. bioshockfan90


      If it's affecting you to the point where it blocks your personal goals in life and if you genuinely feel it is not the best for your life to keep going in the direction as the way it is, and if you consider this partner as the sole obstacle in the path to doing so, then... It might be best to. I think the decision is mostly up to you, that's just what I personally think.

    2. Liberation


      Sounds like you getting messed around and not happy so then stop, if its not right, then its not right and its time to move on. 

    3. Nine Inch Heels

      Nine Inch Heels

      For a relationship it takes two people. For breaking up it takes only one. If you feel like you should be that one person, regardless of your reasons, then be that one person.

      Most important rule in a relationship: You need to feel good about being in it in the first place. If that's not the case, you can try to change things. If you tried to change things, and nothing happened, don't hesitate to move on. You're not going to make anybody else happy, if you stay in a relationship that does not make you happy, is what I'm saying here.

      Lifetime is precious. Don't let someone else waste yours just like that.

  17. 4 Pizzas!

    Very yummy :D

    The base (for all 4): 12dl wheat flour, 12dl rye flour, 5dl olive oil, 8dl water, 4 little bags of dry yeast, 2 spoonfuls of salt, half handful of marjoram, 4 spoonfuls of curry madras, half handful of cumin.

    The filling (for all 4): 4 cans of tomato pyre, 500g crushed tomato, 500g passered (is this a word?) tomato, 3 red onions, 5 single clove garlics, 4 kiwi fruits, 8 slices of pineapple, 250g jalapeno, 400g chickpeas, 200g maize, 150g black olives, 200g sun dried tomatos, 1kg emmental-mozzarella, some left over cheddar, 250g bluecheese, and some more marjoram and curry madras on top of the cheese.

    About 25 minutes in the oven in 225 celcius.

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    2. MrGlide


      Jimi said:

      Previous experiment with weird ingredients on some bread was so bad I couldn't eat them.

      Do tell if you don't mind.

    3. Chezza


      Same shape and similar look to my mum's home made pizzas, which are my most favorite. Therefore this looks damn delicious to me. Nice work.

      I prefer more of a Mediterranean choice of flavors with oregano and olive oil sprinkled on top but this looks good.

    4. TwinBeast


      I had forgot to buy ordinary pizza spices. Oh and looks like I forgot to list one ingredient from the base: some 1-2 spoonfuls of kardamom.

      The earlier failed breads... I had some rye, wheat, oat, cocos and maize flours and sesame and sun flower seeds. Somehow they became almost tasteless. The only thing that occassionally had some taste in it, was the maize flour.. but it wasn't a very good taste, I think I didn't get the right kind of maize flour.

  18. So, I've been in some long distance relationship for about 2 months. We haven't met yet, just webcam and text. Initially I started the relationship by asking if she wants to meet me and she said yes. I thought we'd meet after a week, the next weekend. But now everytime there's been any talk about meeting, there's always "this and that" why we can't meet. I tried to end it a month ago, but she said she has feelings and had thought more about actually meeting, so I thought to give it another chance.

    Well, I'm getting bored. The initial crush feelings have faded. There are no interesting conversations anymore. All the "physical contact" has been just words, and words lose their meaning pretty quick if there's no action. If I feel like this and she asked to meet, doubt I even wanted to go. I feel like the meeting would last for 10 minutes, with some discussion about "how are you?" and then... awkward silence.

    Also she says she doesn't want sex on the first meeting and I'd been fine with that... just this has continued for 2 months, it's not going to feel like the first meeting for me, if we ever met. Of course if the silence feels awkward, then I don't want sex, even if it was the 1000th meeting, then I just want to leave.

    If I was in a relationship just to be in a relationship, I'd at least want to actually meet and be with her often.

    What should I do?

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    2. Tracer


      I think you ought to talk to her about it. Be straight forward about it. Tell her you're starting to feel detached because you want to date her, not a phone or a computer. You are totally justified in feeling this way. Now would be the perfect time to tell her, because if she says she isn't ready yet, you'll feel more comfortable in breaking it off if that's what you want to do. Which, if you feel like you're being given the runaround, I don't blame you.

    3. RUSH


      Just be honest with her about how you feel. It's not like you have anything to lose. Especially since you've said yourself that the whole thing has become boring. That means it's probably time to move on.

    4. TwinBeast


      Yea, most recent conversations have been something like.. I tell something I've done and she replies haha, yea or ok... or she tells me something she's done and then I give that reply.

      My brother also had some long distance relationship for 6 or more months, but they had been together for a year or more before that. He lived with me at that long distance time, and he talked with her so much every day that it was really annoying me.

      Month ago when I tried ending it, she told she was stressed/busy because of christmas, and that's why she had talked very little. Sure I was stressed because of it too. But now there's no christmas stress/busyness. At the beginning of the year things seemed to be going back like in the beginning, but now it's progressed again into not really talking anything.

      Every time there's been some talk about meeting and she's said reasons why now is not a good time... my interest has dropped a little each time, and now saying anything feels forced.

      Strange things... when I was writing that first post, someone put a link to this song at a chat: Roxette - It Must Have Been Love
      and some part of the lyrics: "It must have been love but it's over now." Then later tonight I noticed most songs in The Cranberries - No Need to Argue album (which I listened too) seemed to be about some breakup.

      The first time I tried ending it, or few days before, I had a dream about dancing with someone, and then couple days when we were on a break... I noticed this: http://www.dreammoods.com/dreamdictionary/d.htm#Dance
      And notice this part is there twice:"In particular, to dream that you are dancing with your ex represents your full acceptance of her or him for the person he or she was. The break-up was a positive decision.

      To dream that you are dancing with your ex represents your full acceptance of her or him for the person he or she was. The break-up was a positive decision."

      Although in the dream I wasn't dancing with her in the dream, but that thing on that page twice felt like a strange coincidence.

      Also initially there seemed to be some kind of other (spiritual?) connection between me and her. We were often thinking about the same things at the same time. But now there hasn't been that kind of stuff going on anymore.

      edit: Decided to try it a little longer... I'll try talking first about being bored or just try to make it more exciting. Talk about meeting some more. If things don't seem to be headed anywhere at the start of next month, then I'll wonder more about ending it.

  19. Wops... been away for a while. Hit my head some two/three months ago and was kinda dizzy, stressed and whatever for quite a long time. Guess I'm feeling better now. Been practicing piano/keyboard playing for some 3 to 4 months now, couldn't do much else. Here's some practice results...

    This one kinda cheerful, relaxing

    Attempting to play something similar to the first one, maybe it's a sequel

    Maybe some toccata and fugue inspired

    Would be nice to get some feedback about them...

    Game dev stuff has been on a stand still after the head bumping. Continued/changed TigerCake (still needs a new name?) some two months before the bump. Wanted to get the new stuff released, but just didn't get that far. Blaze is going to become a futuristic motorcycle game with (semi?) naked girls if I ever continue it, didn't get the flight stuff to work right, but still I'd like it to be a game with some vehicles. CyberShade wasn't too far from next release, I think the style of the game eventually started to feel a bit too depressing, so I needed something with softer colors. Now I just need to get started on one of the projects, haven't exactly decided which one. Any suggestions?

    Played through Kama Sutra. Everything else was great, except map28 was like work or something.. headache sucks.

    Finally put up a net date profile, but is kinda slim pickens.. or fat. Was on two dates with a girl. She was like ok looking and had some similar qualities as me, but then I wasn't interested and she wasn't interested, so nothing happened. Waited if she would contact me for a third date, but nope. Now I've been looking for some thicker girls, but no idea if I want any of them. I think some of them could be fun to do stuff, talk, and comfortable in sex, but I also want someone to go for a run with me. I could probably find some company from a bar and go dancing there, just I don't want that kind of drunken crap things. I want a really good friend.

    Also been (trying to) smile at people (not exactly like this). So I've been looking a lot of people's heads. In a city environment not a single fucking person looks at anyone. Everyone has a very angry/depressed/bored/zombie/kill-me-now/I'll-kill-you kind of look or some combination. In a more natural environment people look a bit at others who come across. Although some have just suddenly turned away to look at their dog's butt when I've got near them... eeh...

    Applied for some industrial modeling school, but didn't get in, only got to the first phase of the pre exam. I think that's it for trying to make a job out of any arts stuff. They'll be just a fun hobby now. Thought I'll study psychology in some open university, and maybe do some volunteer work.

    Yea, and been running a lot. Should try some cooper test or take time for a 3km run some time. Current records for 2km semi-flat ground 7:47 and 2km uneven ground 8:29. Maybe I could get the 3km in 12:00 on a sports field run track.

    1. TwinBeast


      Played some more.. very plingy with some harpsichord sounds.. https://soundcloud.com/user-352680608/twinbeast-a006b

      Went on a date with another girl. It was like a great date with a visit to a modern art museum and later into a bar. Was fun, felt like some kind of connection with her, and did some kissing and hugging. Later she cancelled the second date, but left like some kind of possibility to meet some other time. Now do I wait for her to contact me...?

      Same things seem to repeat, just like 8 years ago when I previously dated people. Discussion subjects have changed. Now there's talk about marriage and children already on the first date. Does she want what, and what do I want about that stuff. I tried to add some more funnier stuff every now and then.. so it's not just some: what do you do, what do I do, what do you like, what do I like.

      Today one old neighbour lady said I have a pretty smile and should smile more... yea, that's what I've been doing. Some other one also said hi and smiled. Younger ones out there somewhere haven't noticed much.

      Been reading some psychology articles on wikipedia and today borrowed some books. Thought I'd read some before I join in the courses. After joining there's maybe 1.5 years time to complete them.

      Still haven't done any game dev stuff... All this other stuff has taken all the time.

  20. Yesterday I dreamed that I was walking on some field next to a road and a river. Time of the year seems to be autumn and there are some stuff growing. I thought I'd swim in the river, but I had big backpack. I wake up while trying to think of a way to swim, but keep the backpack dry. Then I go back to the dream and I'm back to the same field, but it's winter, and there's snow, and I'm with some friends. One of them is playing the guitar something that sounds like Nirvana, and I started singing about lions, tigers and death. I had a pretty nice voice. Forgot the exact lyrics unfortunately...

    Last night I dreamed that I had rode my bicycle some 200-300km to some other city. I was looking around for this school I wanted to apply. Eventually found it, checked the insides. Lots of stairs, red carpets and white walls, kind of fancy looking place. I wake up. I go back to the dream, and again I continue the same dream. There's the school, I have my backpack packed, and I'm going. There's the test at the school that determines if I get in or not, and some more looking around to see if I even like it there. I'm sitting at the top of the building, maybe like 7th floor, next to the stairs. I'm eating yoghurt and filling those test papers with a pen (and yoghurt.. oops).

    Next step would be to return to a previous dream some another night. I think it's easy in the same night when still close to that dream's location. But maybe kind of unusual for me that this sort of thing happening two nights in a row.

    I wonder if meditating has had any effect on this. I think maybe yes. At least I used to have more vivid dreams some years ago when I did something similar to meditating during the day. Then for some years it was difficult/impossible to do it, and my dreaming was kind of bad and difficult to remember with only a few interesting experiences.

    I think the meditating stuff helps with getting into the dreams without the usual unconscious phase between the waking and dreaming. And it's pretty difficult to remember something when unconscious... But replace the unconscious state with a meditating state and you're conscious during the transition to the dream.

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    2. Maes


      Piper Maru said:

      I could go into more detail, but it would be an essay length post.

      I think it is simply caused by having that "rapeface" Doomguy avatar. That would give me nightmares too, if I watched as frequently as you do.

    3. TwinBeast


      Clonehunter said:

      several locations that I tend to revisit with different storylines attached to them.

      Yea, that's what I pretty much meant. Though I also wanted to continue the events/story of the previous dream. Maybe the thread title was a bit the other thing, with experiencing the same events again. Sometimes that happens when I dream about playing a game and think I'm saving it and then loading it, then the same event repeats until I feel like I got it right.

      It also happens quite a lot that I dream about the area I live in, or have lived. But I want to dream about a very specific place again. Like if I dreamed again about that school I described, it would be an accomplishment, but if I dream about the generic area/city the school was in.. how I would know for sure that it is the same city unless I find that very specific place?

      Dreaming about the same people or objects also fit this kind of thing here. Maybe they're not the exact same thing, but sort of similar.

    4. Delete


      Maes said:

      I think it is simply caused by having that "rapeface" Doomguy avatar. That would give me nightmares too, if I watched as frequently as you do.

      I'll be dreaming about dat cyberass.

  21. Previous year I went to a school, I was there for like a month, then quit it. It was the kind of school that costs money. Half of it was like interesting, but I didn't feel like paying full price for only going half the lessons.

    Well, they've been sending me bills all year. Because apparently that teacher responsible for the class, didn't tell anyone at the school that I had quit. Well, the info manual said that they'd expel a student after failing to pay 2 bills in a row, or not going there for 2 months without giving any reason. So I thought they'd stop sending me the stuff after a few months. But no...

    I even got a bill today, that "recommends" me to pay all the 7 bills that I failed to pay. How long do I have to wait before they stop sending me shit?

    Not only that, but they kept me in their email list, and kept sending me emails all year.. and they're still sending me emails.

    I'm kinda annoyed. Maybe I need to send them some email or something...

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    2. Cupboard


      I'm not just saying this, but I also hate phones. I hate calling about a job, for a pizza, anything, it feels uncomfortable. I hate the feeling of talking over someone, and I hate when they do it to me. When you are face to face, this happens less because you read body language. The thing is, when somebody asks you to call them back, you basically *have* to call that person in order to get anywhere/withdraw from school/find a job/get laid/make friends, anything. I suggest you drink a beer while watching a favorite TV show, sometimes I talk to characters onscreen or idiots on any cable news network. Then pause the show at a good middle point and make whatever important call it is you have to make.

    3. SavageCorona


      Just tell them to fuck off if they actually come after you for money since you don't owe them anything. It's your teacher's fault for not telling them.

    4. geo


      Eventually they tell the creditors and have them hounding after you. Then even after you pay, they'll still be after you. At least that's what happened with my cousin and her school. 8 years later after she's paid she'll still get a call once a month.

      Anyway, she's not in jail, nor have the fees gone up.

  22. I was trying to speed run through Half-Life like in that 20min video.

    I got to the part where there's large hanging crates over a pit, but there were no crates. The crates were replaced by hanged Barneys. I got to get to the other side, so I jump across and grab one of them. I swing with it and grab another. I get a little entangled with the ropes, but eventually get to the other side.

    Then there's that bullsquid and sewer like place, it jumps and breaks some catwalk. I thought I could jump over the broken area, but it didn't work, so I was back up before the jump. I try a few times more, but no, can't get through. Then I go back before the bullsquid broke catwalk and tell it to not jump and break stuff.

    I see the usual route ahead, and I see a broken wall before it and there's a dark tunnel with some wooden stuff, green toxic puddles and some kind large crates that move inside the wood tunnels. I thought I'll go this route instead, because I hadn't seen it before. I figured I had to move fast, not to get crushed by the large moving crates, and also to jump over the toxic puddles. In one corner of a wood part I see a Recoil Weapon Mod, but didn't feel like stopping to pick it up, didn't even have any weapons I could use it with.

    It goes on for a while, and I come to a dark slimy cave. I see some kind of switch panel ahead, and 2 little switches on its sides. I hit all 3 switches. There is some large opening with more mechanical stuff at the left and 2 smaller tunnels on the right. I go to the middle tunnel.

    I come out of the caves & tunnels and there's a blue sky almost near sunset. I see a grassy pathway down to a overlook above a body of water. Nearby I see a blue armor, and on the overlook I see another and a soulsphere. I try to get the nearby blue armor, but it runs away laughing. I run down to the soulsphere and the other blue armor and pick them up. There's also a few health potions and I pick them up as well, as I noticed from the SBAR my health didn't go up to 200%.

    I run back up and get to a desert. I have a blue ball in my right hand. I think it's a throwable weapon. The sun is setting and the desert is colored orange/amber. There's a bunch of dunes and cylindrical mounds. On my right side I can hear a road with cars going on it, but when I look, it's filled with impenetrable wall of fog. I turn left and continue running. I climb over one mound and they're hollow from the top and there's some deep red liquid like substance in the hole.

    Shadows from the dunes and mounds look almost like alive. I try not to step on any of them. I hear a car louder, and when I look to the right again, it's penetrated the fog, and parks next to some mound with half of it still visible. That kind of scared me. I turn away from it and I continue running faster. I can see the edge of the desert. I start wondering if I can make it there in time. But then the scene fades and I'm on my bed.

  23. Both my game projects are currently stand-alone. Blaze doesn't need any content from Doom and TigerCake doesn't need anything from Quake.

    I've been thinking of releasing a demo of both sometime soon, though I'm kinda taking a break from working on anything now. I think I continue with TigerCake when I continue. Anyway I wonder how much content should be in them? Is there enough already? Or should it be like a private demo for a chosen few people?

    Blaze has 2 normal levels and 1 level for trying out a scenario with lots of enemies. There's 4 weapons, 1 enemy and 1 player.

    I wanted to add a turret and a robot enemy, but then I kinda ran out of motivation/ideas to work. I have some old robot enemy, but it needs some changes. In its current state it would better fit for TigerCake. I also have one flying enemy, but it also fit better for TigerCake now.. if it was more organic looking it would be ok for Blaze as a flying alien enemy.

    TigerCake has 1 small level, 1 medium level and 1 Quake style start level. Player got 8 weapons, 2 animated enemies, 1 unanimated enemy, and 1 player character.

    Sound quality in TigerCake is a bit questionable. All the sounds are very loud/compressed/maximized. Without the maximizing they sounded like some barely audible fart puffs. When I tried the maximized sounds in Doom, they were insanely loud/clear. When I tried the non-maximized sounds in Doom, they were like the maximized sounds in DarkPlaces. Also it's kind of annoying to do the maximizing, and it can make the sounds clip.

    Then there's also the difficulty level (for both). Should I be able to beat the game on the hardest difficulty? If I make the hardest difficulty so difficult that I can't beat the game.. Then there's a chance that I make it too hard. But if I can beat the game on the hardest, then there's probably someone who think it's not hard enough.

    Currently I have the enemy move and attack rate decreased/increased depending on the difficulty level. Baby skill got double health for player. I tried some different damages too, and taking damage from own explosions in Blaze.. but half the weapons are explosive, and the aliens pounce so much, it wasn't exactly fun.

  24. Month at school. Things haven't gone as well as I had expected/hoped. Now I'm quite depressed and don't know what to do.

    No one there really talks with me. Every one else sure talk a lot with each other. Then I've been really tired, even on weekends, and don't get anything done on my freetime and no time to check on my snake. She wakes up when I have to go sleep.

    Lectures there have been kind of boring. I'm not interested in some statistics about diseases or how food travels through a human. Physical exercises and learning to guide them have been interesting. But having to go through all that other stuff.. just doesn't feel like what I want to do. Maybe if I had found some friends there, the lectures wouldn't be so painful.

    I kinda want to quit, but if I do, I need some plan/idea what to do then? Should I study something else? Should I try games industry again (work in something else than my personal project)? The first time I was serious about working on games, no one took me seriously or gave any respect/support, even when I had a job about it. Have things changed on that?

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    2. TwinBeast


      Don't know how big problem the age difference was here with them, most were like 18-25, and I'm 29. There were some 30-35, and a few that were like 40-50.

      Smartphone zombies are everywhere. What happened to the cell phone need to be as small as possible trend? Are people compensating for something with these big smartphones?

      One time I saw on someone's screen background image the words: "Life Partner". And just recently I sat next to a girl in the train.. and after a while she puts her smartphone somewhere between her legs and starts rubbing it in a sort of erotic way. New way to have phone sex I suppose...

    3. printz


      Sounds like you're bored? What are you doing this for? Getting a job, or new friends? Do you have a degree already (this is your second college) or not? If it's just for a job, maybe you can try applying and see if they want you? If it's for knowing new people, then I think that hopefully there are more informal events (meet-ups, conferences, presentations) where you can do networking. There's beer and/or free pizza as bonus :)

    4. TwinBeast


      It was for both getting a job and new friends, and to possibly allow me study physiotherapy later. But doesn't seem like I'll be doing any of that now. I remember the teacher saying the next courses are going to be something about calculating some chemistry at the cell level when people do exercise, eat or whatever. Would I ever use that kind of knowledge on anything?

      My other/earlier degree is about media/game design. Which is why I'm thinking of getting back into this stuff more seriously.

  25. It kinda feels like the air isn't very fresh in my home. My nose is a bit stuck, my throat is sore and my eyes feel like something's not right. I go out for a run and get fresh air and feel better. I visited my parents on the weekend and felt much better there. Now back home, and it's been 2 days and feeling sick again.

    I had not vacuum cleaned for a month, there were lots of dust. I feel a bit better after I cleaned, but it feels like there's still something somewhere.

    There are some places I've found some sticky old smelly cat pee. When my brother and his woman and their cats were here, the other cat peed like everywhere, and apparently there were/are some secret places of pee. My brother also left me a collection of wood he had collected from the forest in one wardrobe. I told him to clean it, but he just left it and everything else for me to clean.

    I think I want to move into a different house. This is way too big for one person anyway. I have 2 large bedrooms, 1 small bedroom, 1 large other room, kitchen, 1 large toilet & shower and 1 small toilet. I only need 1 large bedroom for bed, computers, etc, and totally 1 empty room, kitchen and toilet & shower.

    Uhhuh.. School starts tomorrow! Yey! Finnish version of Google Maps has all the street names written in Swedish! Even if I type in Finnish, it changes them to Swedish. And all the menus are in English. I think it's working pretty well... not.

    Ok, time to go out, the rain stopped, sun is shining.. this indoor air is feeling åwfül.

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    2. TwinBeast


      Maybe one more thing.. my old blanket. It's almost coming apart. I've basically never washed it. I probably only washed it once when a cat peed on it.

      I have a new blanket too, but earlier I didn't like, as it was so thick and hot. Tried the new blanket last night anyway. Made a pretty big difference. Throat not dry, and I could talk loud and easy. Nose less stuck and eyes not watery.

      Have to keep an eye on those other things too. Maybe I should get some more plants.. Plants make the indoor air better, right?

    3. CorSair


      Yep. I have no good idea which plants are fitting, but try some ferns or other rapidly growing plants, they should make air more tolerable. Or so I have heard.

      Also, I think there are some entrepreneurs or companies that can check for mold. And you should take account for radon leaks, too.

    4. TwinBeast


      Now few days later after changing the blanket.. things seem to be back to normal. Also moved my computer chair away couple days ago. Not sure if it has had any effect, but the chair is definitely awful.

      The chair material is the kind of material that collects all sorts of little "crap" in it. And nearly impossible to clean it. It has this sort of mesh material all over it: http://office-turn.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/Inertia-black-mesh-highback-executive-computer-chair.jpg. Maybe that sort of material is ok for the back part, but definitely the worst material ever for the seat. Leather/Fake leather or some basic fabric is so much better.

      Now sitting on a kitchen chair... uhh.