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  1. That I was flying! Well, I was flying few days ago too. Last night I just happend to fly in this incredible looking place. I wanted to take a photo of it, but then I got sad.. How would I get the photo here? Didn't even have my camera, but probably I could have farted a camera into existence if I really wanted. I guess I could try painting the place, I haven't done that in a while...

    It was kinda like gigantic sand mountains with a little bit of snow, but they were sort of made from bubbles. It reminded me of some distant country somewhere in Asia, yet it was just in a small alley between two buildings in a small town. Then there were also these huge construction vehicles or some tractors or whatever you might see in a sand pit.. they were just as big as the mountains, and felt somewhat out of place. Initially the mountains looked like they would continue infinitely.. I had crossed the whole place in a few moments and there I was back in the town.

    Think I did something interesting in the town too, but I can't quite remember. Maybe it wasn't so interesting after all. Maybe all I did there was to look for something interesting, which I then did.

    1. Hellbent


      But what was the nteresting thing and did you find it?

    2. TwinBeast


      Err... the mountains that I wanted to take photo of course.

      There was some dream sometime ago when I took photos of the dream, so that I could show the dream outside the dream. Didn't work as well as I expected it to work.

    3. TwinBeast


      Now I had a strange dream. I was rollerblading around the roads. It was fun as I hadn't done that in a long time. Then at some point there was this guy who says that I shouldn't go "That way", and I should go "This way" instead, explaining "That way" is dangerously steep for rollerblading. So, I think, ok, I'll go "This way" then.

      I ended up in some weird underground parking hall kind of place with lots of doors. It was very much like a maze. Then I was like, ehh, what the fuck place is this, which way I should go to get out??? I thought I'd turn around before I'd be totally lost, and try "That way" instead. But it seems most of the doors were one way doors. There was no way out. It was meant to trap people in.

      I came across some people in some place with a small view to the outside. Everyone had the same kind of story of being trapped there. They said something about being allowed to look outside for 15 minutes and then forced elsewhere. I decided to escape and ripped through the window or whatever it was. Some followed me through the hole.

      Unfortunately the outside wasn't really outside. It was still the same place, except that people weren't allowed there. Very soon our escape had been detected and some guards started chasing us. The others were catched pretty soon, but I was still on my rollerblades, so none could catch me.

      I noticed the place was owned or named something like:"Furgal" or "Frugal" or the same words, but the O instead of U. But that was probably just a front, so that people outside wouldn't suspect it being some trap for people. I didn't find out why they wanted to trap people in. It didn't seem like they were trying to use them as slaves. They just wanted to trap as many as possible.

      It didn't look like there was any way out. It felt like the place was expanding as I went around. Then I looked up, and the sky was clear, no obstacles there. So I flied away. Usually when I've flied to the sky, I've woken up. That was what I thought I'd do.

      But instead of waking up, I went through multiple layers of dreams. Sometimes I stopped to look around if I had come into any nicer dream where I could just rollerblade around without being trapped into some weird maze. Just that the "Forgal" place was in most other layers too, and as soon as I stopped there, the guards started chasing and firing weapons at me. Seems like the "Frogal" was connected/aware of the different layers.

      Eventually I managed to wake up and dream something else.