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  1. About every day my upstair neighbours talk so loud that I can sometimes hear the words clearly.

    Some couple weeks ago they went away somewhere. They left early in the morning or it was still night time.. like 4am to 5am they just fucking jumped/stomped on the floor. What the fuck! At least after that it was quiet for a week.

    They really don't know how to be quiet. I hear some stupid moany mumble all the time, even now. Sometimes I can also hear their tv mumbling. One of them also used to sing (horribly) often, but eventually some other neighbour complained about the singing. Sometimes he still does it anyway.

    Last night they were away, probably in some bar, came back home around 3am, just when I was going sleeping. They make lots of noise in the stairwell. Then I thought they went sleeping, but around 4am I start hearing lots of yelling. The yelling continues for hours. I could hear it even when I had earplugs in my ears. I think they stopped yelling at 7am.

    Around 10am I start hearing some kind of loud sweeping cleaning noise. Couple hours later they start talking loudly again.

    They are the most ugly-stupid-retard-asshole people I know. I really hate them.

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    2. DoomUK


      fraggle said:

      it destroys any moral highground you have

      My conscience would be clear, as I wouldn't be breaking any rules. Any escalation of noise-making warfare could always be resolved in the way you admonish, anyway.

      It's probably not a good idea if your neighbour is mentally unstable, clearly. But sweet revenge can be tremendously satisfying, so long as we're talking about avenging little annoyances and nothing more sinister.

    3. TwinBeast


      Normally I just listen the music in a volume that hides the noise coming from the neighbours and doesn't hurt my ears. I'm not sure if they hear it, but it is possible.

      If I start hearing their talking through when I'm listening to music, then I might turn it louder for a moment, play some violent game for some hour. If I hear it for a long time, then I might kick or punch some wall, maybe I could try hitting the ceiling with something too.

      At night if I use the loudspeakers, I have the volume very quiet.

      In the past I tried to be considerate with the amount of noise I made and what time I made it. I even made it quieter few hours before the "silence" begins. Also I usually keep it down few hours after I've woken up, and I don't even wake up early in the morning.

    4. Coopersville


      Yeah, my neighbours are retarded to. There's a whole street separating us and I can still hear them with ear plugs sometimes.