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  1. So, they finally arrived after some waiting. I had ordered some other stuff too, and they came in 2 boxes. Of course the post delivery only delivers the lighter box with some equipment to my home door when I'm at home. Then I go to the gym to lift some weights and stuff and while I'm there they try to deliver the heavier box with the swords. Why didn't they just bring both boxes at one time... maybe they did, but everyone forgot to count the boxes early in the morning. Thought then that they would deliver the other box tomorrow...

    Oh and outside was 40°C in the sun light and I had hurt my right bicep a bit at the gym, so it was very nice to walk and carry the nearly 9kg box home some 2-3km. Strangely it also rained later today. I guess it was just so hot that lots of water vapourized up to the sky and then it just had to come down the same day.

    Well, and to the swords... I ordered a Hanwei Tinker Pearce Longsword and a Hanwei Scottish Claymore from Kult Of Athena. I had thought of getting a short sword that I could use with one hand, but ordered these instead. Well, the longsword feels light enough for some one handed use, seems it's a bit lighter than my katana. The claymore is heavy.. feels like a similar difference as when I first switched from a shinai to the katana.

    Ok, and some pics...

    Also ordered that banner...

    Felt pretty awesome...

    The new swords together with the katana..
    The claymore doesn't include a scabbard, so I didn't want to oil my bed/expose the blade to the bed. Maybe I should have just put some cardboard under it... oh well.

    Now I just need to make some stands/holders for the swords. Should I make something that hangs the sword from a wall or something that stands on the floor? Maybe both?

    Some specs:

    41" blade
    14" handle
    54 3/4" total

    4lb 14oz
    2.2 kg

    35" blade
    12" handle
    47" total

    2lb 14oz
    1.3 kg

    The box/stuffing apparently weighed more than the swords together.. heh.

    Also it was not a good idea go to the gym with the white pants. They got lots of orange splotches from the gym machines... and I had just washed the pants day earlier.

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    2. TwinBeast


      The longsword is 5160 spring steel. No idea about the metal on the claymore, didn't find any info about it anywhere, but it does look similar to the metal on the longsword... And the katana is 1055 carbon steel.

      I was just showing myself in my usual training clothes: judo pants, t-shirt and fingerless gloves. I haven't bought any armor yet, but I have planned to do that some day..

      If I went into a sword duel now, I would use my shinai, so I could duel with him again. If it had to be with steel swords, then I would use my katana as I have more experience with it. And finally, whatever sword I have or my enemy has, I wouldn't just stand still there waiting to be cut by the enemy... And if I had a sword that was too heavy for me, I could always abandon the sword, and kick and punch instead.

    3. Eris Falling

      Eris Falling

      Thank god [PROTOTYPE] is no longer among us.

    4. TwinBeast


      Finally got that Cold Steel Chisa Katana I ordered some year ago...

      So now I'm cosplaying that katana wielding Lesbian Lizard from Doctor Who... http://koti.mbnet.fi/jeejeeje/photos/posing/me_and_katanas.jpg

      Or just wearing green clothes... also just noticed the zipper in my pants is shaped like a katana...

      And in case you're wondering.. the smaller one is the new one. They have the same decorations, so they make a nice big and small set. Though unfortunately the small one is just a few inches too long to be used with overhead swings inside the house in standing pose.

      And now I need to make a double katana stand as well... at least I know how to do that. I have not much ideas for the stands for the other two swords.

      I have some idea about having a wide table like board and then some smaller pieces attached to it to hold the swords.. maybe it could hold more than 2. But then how's this board going stand?