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  1. I went to this place/course where they try to help me to find a job/career for people who haven't worked in long time. I sat about a month on some lessons trying to figure out what I want to do.

    And now I'm supposed to get a job for a job practice. Almost all the jobs that interest me, require some degree, which I don't have. I think I've found one place that might take like volunteer workers, so other kind of free workers could be ok too. But my job application writing isn't going so well...

    After serious thinking, my job application looks like this:
    "Hello, this is me. I need a job. I'm interested in guiding physical stuff. I have no personality. I'm skilled at kicking ass and I like Doom, peanut butter, cinnamon, dancing and electro music."


    I want to quit this course. I want to go get the education, skills and degrees I need to get a job that interests me. I want to get people stop helping me and making me feel like I can't do anything myself. I don't need someone to hold my hand, I need both of them to do the things I want to do. I want someone to kick my ass to get me moving (if I'm stuck) and ask me how's it going. I want to kick ass too.

    And on that note.. I've started practicing jump kicks. Next time someone asks what I'm practicing.. I'll say:"Kerioshirido!"


    Anyway, I'm thinking I'd become a physiotherapist. I've been in some physiotherapy and it's been useful, and while at it, I felt like maybe this could be something I could do too. But I worry that my lack of personality and social skills would be a pretty bad issue. Though at least my social skills have improved a little.

    Ok, time to kick ass outside. I'm all out of food.

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    2. Maes


      From what little I've seen of Finland (well, Helsinki, anyway), a bright career of cashing in unemployment benefits and collecting bottles/tin cans to exchange for coupons at recycling machines awaits you.

      Edit: OK, so I read everything a bit more carefully and undrestood that messing around with Finland's conscription system lead to some very unpleasant encounters with "authorities".

      I can understand that up to a point, since Greece has an even worse conscription system, with much more paranoia, jarheads and ultra-nationalist/revisionists elements pumped into it due to our "vulnerable geopolitical position", and due to Greece being kind of a backwards, bigoted convervative Ruritania (the fact that it also fuels a flourishing cronyism industry has an important role, too).

      In such an army, draft dodgers/service skippers and anyone who doesn't feel shocked & awed by the Army's magnificent power and traditions, is treated pretty much like an undesirable by the state. It;s not unusual for MPs and civilian police alike to track down "draft dodgers" and harass their families, let alone the gazillion of laws that are designed to make a draft dodgers' life miserable.

      However, Greece is Greece, with all of its flaws and backwardness. What's Finland's excuse?

    3. TwinBeast


      I don't think so. That kind of stuff is for people with no ambition, people who accept their fate and are no longer fighting.

      This little child never surrenders. Just because I've been depressed for years, doesn't mean I've given up. I'll cut through anything!

      edit: What I know about the conscription system.. They put people into the army for 6, 9 or 12 months. If you say no, then it's the civil alternative service, which is basically working for free in some place for 12 months, or if you can't find a place, then the 12 months will be at the civ alt service center. If you say no to that service, then it's prison for 6 months. If you say no to that, then I suppose it's violence.

      And to get out of the duties, people need to be physically or mentally unable to do it/work. Some people may have that status permanently, and some may have it temporarily. The service needs to be started at the 30th year.. after that, it will be no longer necessary.

      Also it's possible to change the military service at any time to the other, but once the other thing has started, it's no longer possible to change it back. Probably same goes for the prison choice.

      I remember reading some year or two ago, that the prison thing can be done in home arrest. No idea who gets to do it that way. I think I'd probably be able to do it that way.

      I'm 29, so I would have to stay bonkers for 2 years... Of course I could go to this school now.. and it lasts for 1 year, and after it, complain that it was too much, but I just had to push/force through it. And then rest for a year...

    4. SYS


      It's never too late and the sooner you throw yourself into something that you can really see yourself doing - the better. It's easy to say "I'm going to do this." Then mentally you end up giving yourself the immediate satisfaction of doing it without actually doing anything. All that cliche shit said about having goals, sticking to them and career and personal planning stuff is quite true.

      If you have to do a little extra schooling before you can go into certificate / diploma / degree of something you can truly see yourself doing and immerse yourself go for it. It becomes an objective to a greater goal. Get that satisfaction when you've set that goal, and you've made that first step (commitment) in achieving it.

      ok, off my random semi-motivational typing.