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  1. Last night I was dreaming that I was in a school gym hall. There was someone else who climbed to the ceiling and then jumped down head down into a small trampoline. It was some sort of extreme yoga. Later he jumped down on my forehead and stood there with his index fingers.

    Then I climbed onto the ladders at the wall and turned myself upside down and hanged from the top ladder and started sleeping. I wake up and it's still pretty dark. My blanket is somewhere, and I was feeling a little chilly, so I thought to shake my body for a bit.

    I start hearing Rise of Harkonnen from the Dune2000 soundtrack coming from the living room. I was like, did I go sleep with music on? I rolled and shaked around in my bed. Nearing the end of the song, I remember I don't go sleep with music on. Who's playing the music! Who's in my home, using my computer?

    I find my blanket and it attacks me. The blanket tries to suffocate me. I was wondering what song would play next, my guesses were Land of Sand, Plotting and The Soldiers Approach. Next song was some unnamed crackling sounds. I push and pull the blanket. Eventually I was victorious, and pull my blanket over me, as I was feeling cold.

    After 10 minutes of silence and cold shivers under the blanket, the birds outside my room start singing. I get warmer, push the blanket away and sleep undisturbed until morning.