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  1. It kinda feels like the air isn't very fresh in my home. My nose is a bit stuck, my throat is sore and my eyes feel like something's not right. I go out for a run and get fresh air and feel better. I visited my parents on the weekend and felt much better there. Now back home, and it's been 2 days and feeling sick again.

    I had not vacuum cleaned for a month, there were lots of dust. I feel a bit better after I cleaned, but it feels like there's still something somewhere.

    There are some places I've found some sticky old smelly cat pee. When my brother and his woman and their cats were here, the other cat peed like everywhere, and apparently there were/are some secret places of pee. My brother also left me a collection of wood he had collected from the forest in one wardrobe. I told him to clean it, but he just left it and everything else for me to clean.

    I think I want to move into a different house. This is way too big for one person anyway. I have 2 large bedrooms, 1 small bedroom, 1 large other room, kitchen, 1 large toilet & shower and 1 small toilet. I only need 1 large bedroom for bed, computers, etc, and totally 1 empty room, kitchen and toilet & shower.

    Uhhuh.. School starts tomorrow! Yey! Finnish version of Google Maps has all the street names written in Swedish! Even if I type in Finnish, it changes them to Swedish. And all the menus are in English. I think it's working pretty well... not.

    Ok, time to go out, the rain stopped, sun is shining.. this indoor air is feeling åwfül.

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    2. TwinBeast


      Maybe one more thing.. my old blanket. It's almost coming apart. I've basically never washed it. I probably only washed it once when a cat peed on it.

      I have a new blanket too, but earlier I didn't like, as it was so thick and hot. Tried the new blanket last night anyway. Made a pretty big difference. Throat not dry, and I could talk loud and easy. Nose less stuck and eyes not watery.

      Have to keep an eye on those other things too. Maybe I should get some more plants.. Plants make the indoor air better, right?

    3. CorSair


      Yep. I have no good idea which plants are fitting, but try some ferns or other rapidly growing plants, they should make air more tolerable. Or so I have heard.

      Also, I think there are some entrepreneurs or companies that can check for mold. And you should take account for radon leaks, too.

    4. TwinBeast


      Now few days later after changing the blanket.. things seem to be back to normal. Also moved my computer chair away couple days ago. Not sure if it has had any effect, but the chair is definitely awful.

      The chair material is the kind of material that collects all sorts of little "crap" in it. And nearly impossible to clean it. It has this sort of mesh material all over it: http://office-turn.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/Inertia-black-mesh-highback-executive-computer-chair.jpg. Maybe that sort of material is ok for the back part, but definitely the worst material ever for the seat. Leather/Fake leather or some basic fabric is so much better.

      Now sitting on a kitchen chair... uhh.