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  1. Month at school. Things haven't gone as well as I had expected/hoped. Now I'm quite depressed and don't know what to do.

    No one there really talks with me. Every one else sure talk a lot with each other. Then I've been really tired, even on weekends, and don't get anything done on my freetime and no time to check on my snake. She wakes up when I have to go sleep.

    Lectures there have been kind of boring. I'm not interested in some statistics about diseases or how food travels through a human. Physical exercises and learning to guide them have been interesting. But having to go through all that other stuff.. just doesn't feel like what I want to do. Maybe if I had found some friends there, the lectures wouldn't be so painful.

    I kinda want to quit, but if I do, I need some plan/idea what to do then? Should I study something else? Should I try games industry again (work in something else than my personal project)? The first time I was serious about working on games, no one took me seriously or gave any respect/support, even when I had a job about it. Have things changed on that?

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    2. TwinBeast


      Don't know how big problem the age difference was here with them, most were like 18-25, and I'm 29. There were some 30-35, and a few that were like 40-50.

      Smartphone zombies are everywhere. What happened to the cell phone need to be as small as possible trend? Are people compensating for something with these big smartphones?

      One time I saw on someone's screen background image the words: "Life Partner". And just recently I sat next to a girl in the train.. and after a while she puts her smartphone somewhere between her legs and starts rubbing it in a sort of erotic way. New way to have phone sex I suppose...

    3. printz


      Sounds like you're bored? What are you doing this for? Getting a job, or new friends? Do you have a degree already (this is your second college) or not? If it's just for a job, maybe you can try applying and see if they want you? If it's for knowing new people, then I think that hopefully there are more informal events (meet-ups, conferences, presentations) where you can do networking. There's beer and/or free pizza as bonus :)

    4. TwinBeast


      It was for both getting a job and new friends, and to possibly allow me study physiotherapy later. But doesn't seem like I'll be doing any of that now. I remember the teacher saying the next courses are going to be something about calculating some chemistry at the cell level when people do exercise, eat or whatever. Would I ever use that kind of knowledge on anything?

      My other/earlier degree is about media/game design. Which is why I'm thinking of getting back into this stuff more seriously.