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  1. Both my game projects are currently stand-alone. Blaze doesn't need any content from Doom and TigerCake doesn't need anything from Quake.

    I've been thinking of releasing a demo of both sometime soon, though I'm kinda taking a break from working on anything now. I think I continue with TigerCake when I continue. Anyway I wonder how much content should be in them? Is there enough already? Or should it be like a private demo for a chosen few people?

    Blaze has 2 normal levels and 1 level for trying out a scenario with lots of enemies. There's 4 weapons, 1 enemy and 1 player.

    I wanted to add a turret and a robot enemy, but then I kinda ran out of motivation/ideas to work. I have some old robot enemy, but it needs some changes. In its current state it would better fit for TigerCake. I also have one flying enemy, but it also fit better for TigerCake now.. if it was more organic looking it would be ok for Blaze as a flying alien enemy.

    TigerCake has 1 small level, 1 medium level and 1 Quake style start level. Player got 8 weapons, 2 animated enemies, 1 unanimated enemy, and 1 player character.

    Sound quality in TigerCake is a bit questionable. All the sounds are very loud/compressed/maximized. Without the maximizing they sounded like some barely audible fart puffs. When I tried the maximized sounds in Doom, they were insanely loud/clear. When I tried the non-maximized sounds in Doom, they were like the maximized sounds in DarkPlaces. Also it's kind of annoying to do the maximizing, and it can make the sounds clip.

    Then there's also the difficulty level (for both). Should I be able to beat the game on the hardest difficulty? If I make the hardest difficulty so difficult that I can't beat the game.. Then there's a chance that I make it too hard. But if I can beat the game on the hardest, then there's probably someone who think it's not hard enough.

    Currently I have the enemy move and attack rate decreased/increased depending on the difficulty level. Baby skill got double health for player. I tried some different damages too, and taking damage from own explosions in Blaze.. but half the weapons are explosive, and the aliens pounce so much, it wasn't exactly fun.