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  1. I was trying to speed run through Half-Life like in that 20min video.

    I got to the part where there's large hanging crates over a pit, but there were no crates. The crates were replaced by hanged Barneys. I got to get to the other side, so I jump across and grab one of them. I swing with it and grab another. I get a little entangled with the ropes, but eventually get to the other side.

    Then there's that bullsquid and sewer like place, it jumps and breaks some catwalk. I thought I could jump over the broken area, but it didn't work, so I was back up before the jump. I try a few times more, but no, can't get through. Then I go back before the bullsquid broke catwalk and tell it to not jump and break stuff.

    I see the usual route ahead, and I see a broken wall before it and there's a dark tunnel with some wooden stuff, green toxic puddles and some kind large crates that move inside the wood tunnels. I thought I'll go this route instead, because I hadn't seen it before. I figured I had to move fast, not to get crushed by the large moving crates, and also to jump over the toxic puddles. In one corner of a wood part I see a Recoil Weapon Mod, but didn't feel like stopping to pick it up, didn't even have any weapons I could use it with.

    It goes on for a while, and I come to a dark slimy cave. I see some kind of switch panel ahead, and 2 little switches on its sides. I hit all 3 switches. There is some large opening with more mechanical stuff at the left and 2 smaller tunnels on the right. I go to the middle tunnel.

    I come out of the caves & tunnels and there's a blue sky almost near sunset. I see a grassy pathway down to a overlook above a body of water. Nearby I see a blue armor, and on the overlook I see another and a soulsphere. I try to get the nearby blue armor, but it runs away laughing. I run down to the soulsphere and the other blue armor and pick them up. There's also a few health potions and I pick them up as well, as I noticed from the SBAR my health didn't go up to 200%.

    I run back up and get to a desert. I have a blue ball in my right hand. I think it's a throwable weapon. The sun is setting and the desert is colored orange/amber. There's a bunch of dunes and cylindrical mounds. On my right side I can hear a road with cars going on it, but when I look, it's filled with impenetrable wall of fog. I turn left and continue running. I climb over one mound and they're hollow from the top and there's some deep red liquid like substance in the hole.

    Shadows from the dunes and mounds look almost like alive. I try not to step on any of them. I hear a car louder, and when I look to the right again, it's penetrated the fog, and parks next to some mound with half of it still visible. That kind of scared me. I turn away from it and I continue running faster. I can see the edge of the desert. I start wondering if I can make it there in time. But then the scene fades and I'm on my bed.