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  1. Previous year I went to a school, I was there for like a month, then quit it. It was the kind of school that costs money. Half of it was like interesting, but I didn't feel like paying full price for only going half the lessons.

    Well, they've been sending me bills all year. Because apparently that teacher responsible for the class, didn't tell anyone at the school that I had quit. Well, the info manual said that they'd expel a student after failing to pay 2 bills in a row, or not going there for 2 months without giving any reason. So I thought they'd stop sending me the stuff after a few months. But no...

    I even got a bill today, that "recommends" me to pay all the 7 bills that I failed to pay. How long do I have to wait before they stop sending me shit?

    Not only that, but they kept me in their email list, and kept sending me emails all year.. and they're still sending me emails.

    I'm kinda annoyed. Maybe I need to send them some email or something...

    1. Cupboard


      You will want to talk to this teacher (did they take attendance, if so you want proof that you never went to class basically because you have all these missing assignments, never took the tests or exam, etc). Forward the teacher's response to the financial department along with your argument (best do this part in person). You need to talk to someone in the financial department or your academic advisor, if you have one. Basically agree to pay a bill or two for the classes you attended, but not any more than that. Also, it sounds like you're dealing with a non-professor, but more like a paid instructor. They don't necessarily take their "faculty" duties that seriously and won't help students unless you hunt them down and talk to them in their office, probably.

      In all reality, you made this a lot worse for yourself by waiting, but I floated thru parts of university and did bad in some classes, ended up failing a few because I was working, getting high, generally not giving a fuck. One semester was a total waste of money. After that, I got my shit together and did a lot better the next semester. So just because you feel ashamed of how you did this semester, doesn't mean you won't have a better chance of succeeding the next time you try, in fact you might do better than you might think.

    2. TwinBeast


      It was only a 1 year long thing. And I paid the first bill for the first month. Mmm.. the teacher sent me an email back then to call him about the quitting, after I had sent him the email about quitting.. But I never called, I just hate phones, plus I thought he'd just try to convince me to stay, start asking reasons and whatever. And what if my phone was broken or if I didn't have a phone. I haven't called anyone in 2 or 3 years, why would I start now. Most of the time I have my phone in quiet mode so that I don't notice when people are calling, so that I don't have to talk to them. I'm basically one of those deaf-mutes. But at least I can still laugh.. .. hahaha..

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