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  1. Yesterday I dreamed that I was walking on some field next to a road and a river. Time of the year seems to be autumn and there are some stuff growing. I thought I'd swim in the river, but I had big backpack. I wake up while trying to think of a way to swim, but keep the backpack dry. Then I go back to the dream and I'm back to the same field, but it's winter, and there's snow, and I'm with some friends. One of them is playing the guitar something that sounds like Nirvana, and I started singing about lions, tigers and death. I had a pretty nice voice. Forgot the exact lyrics unfortunately...

    Last night I dreamed that I had rode my bicycle some 200-300km to some other city. I was looking around for this school I wanted to apply. Eventually found it, checked the insides. Lots of stairs, red carpets and white walls, kind of fancy looking place. I wake up. I go back to the dream, and again I continue the same dream. There's the school, I have my backpack packed, and I'm going. There's the test at the school that determines if I get in or not, and some more looking around to see if I even like it there. I'm sitting at the top of the building, maybe like 7th floor, next to the stairs. I'm eating yoghurt and filling those test papers with a pen (and yoghurt.. oops).

    Next step would be to return to a previous dream some another night. I think it's easy in the same night when still close to that dream's location. But maybe kind of unusual for me that this sort of thing happening two nights in a row.

    I wonder if meditating has had any effect on this. I think maybe yes. At least I used to have more vivid dreams some years ago when I did something similar to meditating during the day. Then for some years it was difficult/impossible to do it, and my dreaming was kind of bad and difficult to remember with only a few interesting experiences.

    I think the meditating stuff helps with getting into the dreams without the usual unconscious phase between the waking and dreaming. And it's pretty difficult to remember something when unconscious... But replace the unconscious state with a meditating state and you're conscious during the transition to the dream.

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    2. Maes


      Piper Maru said:

      I could go into more detail, but it would be an essay length post.

      I think it is simply caused by having that "rapeface" Doomguy avatar. That would give me nightmares too, if I watched as frequently as you do.

    3. TwinBeast


      Clonehunter said:

      several locations that I tend to revisit with different storylines attached to them.

      Yea, that's what I pretty much meant. Though I also wanted to continue the events/story of the previous dream. Maybe the thread title was a bit the other thing, with experiencing the same events again. Sometimes that happens when I dream about playing a game and think I'm saving it and then loading it, then the same event repeats until I feel like I got it right.

      It also happens quite a lot that I dream about the area I live in, or have lived. But I want to dream about a very specific place again. Like if I dreamed again about that school I described, it would be an accomplishment, but if I dream about the generic area/city the school was in.. how I would know for sure that it is the same city unless I find that very specific place?

      Dreaming about the same people or objects also fit this kind of thing here. Maybe they're not the exact same thing, but sort of similar.

    4. User Name

      User Name

      Maes said:

      I think it is simply caused by having that "rapeface" Doomguy avatar. That would give me nightmares too, if I watched as frequently as you do.

      I'll be dreaming about dat cyberass.