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  1. Wops... been away for a while. Hit my head some two/three months ago and was kinda dizzy, stressed and whatever for quite a long time. Guess I'm feeling better now. Been practicing piano/keyboard playing for some 3 to 4 months now, couldn't do much else. Here's some practice results...

    This one kinda cheerful, relaxing

    Attempting to play something similar to the first one, maybe it's a sequel

    Maybe some toccata and fugue inspired

    Would be nice to get some feedback about them...

    Game dev stuff has been on a stand still after the head bumping. Continued/changed TigerCake (still needs a new name?) some two months before the bump. Wanted to get the new stuff released, but just didn't get that far. Blaze is going to become a futuristic motorcycle game with (semi?) naked girls if I ever continue it, didn't get the flight stuff to work right, but still I'd like it to be a game with some vehicles. CyberShade wasn't too far from next release, I think the style of the game eventually started to feel a bit too depressing, so I needed something with softer colors. Now I just need to get started on one of the projects, haven't exactly decided which one. Any suggestions?

    Played through Kama Sutra. Everything else was great, except map28 was like work or something.. headache sucks.

    Finally put up a net date profile, but is kinda slim pickens.. or fat. Was on two dates with a girl. She was like ok looking and had some similar qualities as me, but then I wasn't interested and she wasn't interested, so nothing happened. Waited if she would contact me for a third date, but nope. Now I've been looking for some thicker girls, but no idea if I want any of them. I think some of them could be fun to do stuff, talk, and comfortable in sex, but I also want someone to go for a run with me. I could probably find some company from a bar and go dancing there, just I don't want that kind of drunken crap things. I want a really good friend.

    Also been (trying to) smile at people (not exactly like this). So I've been looking a lot of people's heads. In a city environment not a single fucking person looks at anyone. Everyone has a very angry/depressed/bored/zombie/kill-me-now/I'll-kill-you kind of look or some combination. In a more natural environment people look a bit at others who come across. Although some have just suddenly turned away to look at their dog's butt when I've got near them... eeh...

    Applied for some industrial modeling school, but didn't get in, only got to the first phase of the pre exam. I think that's it for trying to make a job out of any arts stuff. They'll be just a fun hobby now. Thought I'll study psychology in some open university, and maybe do some volunteer work.

    Yea, and been running a lot. Should try some cooper test or take time for a 3km run some time. Current records for 2km semi-flat ground 7:47 and 2km uneven ground 8:29. Maybe I could get the 3km in 12:00 on a sports field run track.

    1. TwinBeast


      Played some more.. very plingy with some harpsichord sounds.. https://soundcloud.com/user-352680608/twinbeast-a006b

      Went on a date with another girl. It was like a great date with a visit to a modern art museum and later into a bar. Was fun, felt like some kind of connection with her, and did some kissing and hugging. Later she cancelled the second date, but left like some kind of possibility to meet some other time. Now do I wait for her to contact me...?

      Same things seem to repeat, just like 8 years ago when I previously dated people. Discussion subjects have changed. Now there's talk about marriage and children already on the first date. Does she want what, and what do I want about that stuff. I tried to add some more funnier stuff every now and then.. so it's not just some: what do you do, what do I do, what do you like, what do I like.

      Today one old neighbour lady said I have a pretty smile and should smile more... yea, that's what I've been doing. Some other one also said hi and smiled. Younger ones out there somewhere haven't noticed much.

      Been reading some psychology articles on wikipedia and today borrowed some books. Thought I'd read some before I join in the courses. After joining there's maybe 1.5 years time to complete them.

      Still haven't done any game dev stuff... All this other stuff has taken all the time.