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  1. So, I've been in some long distance relationship for about 2 months. We haven't met yet, just webcam and text. Initially I started the relationship by asking if she wants to meet me and she said yes. I thought we'd meet after a week, the next weekend. But now everytime there's been any talk about meeting, there's always "this and that" why we can't meet. I tried to end it a month ago, but she said she has feelings and had thought more about actually meeting, so I thought to give it another chance.

    Well, I'm getting bored. The initial crush feelings have faded. There are no interesting conversations anymore. All the "physical contact" has been just words, and words lose their meaning pretty quick if there's no action. If I feel like this and she asked to meet, doubt I even wanted to go. I feel like the meeting would last for 10 minutes, with some discussion about "how are you?" and then... awkward silence.

    Also she says she doesn't want sex on the first meeting and I'd been fine with that... just this has continued for 2 months, it's not going to feel like the first meeting for me, if we ever met. Of course if the silence feels awkward, then I don't want sex, even if it was the 1000th meeting, then I just want to leave.

    If I was in a relationship just to be in a relationship, I'd at least want to actually meet and be with her often.

    What should I do?

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    2. TwinBeast


      I only know the city she lives in, and it's too long distance to go stalk her, and I'm not a stalker... and sure I realise that long distance relationships aren't long distance forever, but it's not going to work if there's not enough close meetings. 2 months time of no physical meetings would be ok, if there were lots of meetings before that and had something to talk about...

    3. Doomkid


      My wife and I were long distance for a year and a half, but there was a huge difference in that we were both always extremely eager to talk to each other at the end of the day and our conversations always lasted hours, even that far in. Long distance relationships can work, but if your feelings beyond friendship are just entirely gone, it might be simply that the two of you don't click. If your will to pursue this is entirely gone, my advice is not to force it.

    4. 40oz


      I think you are totally justified in your feelings. I dont think you should feel too terribly if you choose to break it off. My brother used to use online dating and he had a very similar experience to what you're describing.

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