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  1. 4 Pizzas!

    Very yummy :D

    The base (for all 4): 12dl wheat flour, 12dl rye flour, 5dl olive oil, 8dl water, 4 little bags of dry yeast, 2 spoonfuls of salt, half handful of marjoram, 4 spoonfuls of curry madras, half handful of cumin.

    The filling (for all 4): 4 cans of tomato pyre, 500g crushed tomato, 500g passered (is this a word?) tomato, 3 red onions, 5 single clove garlics, 4 kiwi fruits, 8 slices of pineapple, 250g jalapeno, 400g chickpeas, 200g maize, 150g black olives, 200g sun dried tomatos, 1kg emmental-mozzarella, some left over cheddar, 250g bluecheese, and some more marjoram and curry madras on top of the cheese.

    About 25 minutes in the oven in 225 celcius.

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    2. MrGlide


      Jimi said:

      Previous experiment with weird ingredients on some bread was so bad I couldn't eat them.

      Do tell if you don't mind.

    3. Chezza


      Same shape and similar look to my mum's home made pizzas, which are my most favorite. Therefore this looks damn delicious to me. Nice work.

      I prefer more of a Mediterranean choice of flavors with oregano and olive oil sprinkled on top but this looks good.

    4. TwinBeast


      I had forgot to buy ordinary pizza spices. Oh and looks like I forgot to list one ingredient from the base: some 1-2 spoonfuls of kardamom.

      The earlier failed breads... I had some rye, wheat, oat, cocos and maize flours and sesame and sun flower seeds. Somehow they became almost tasteless. The only thing that occassionally had some taste in it, was the maize flour.. but it wasn't a very good taste, I think I didn't get the right kind of maize flour.