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  1. I've tried to end this one relationship 3 times now, it has continued for some 4 months now and have not actually met her. This has made me very annoyed, and feels like my mental health has taken a few steps back. I was supposed to apply for some schools, clean more, check my snake more often, but I forgot.. even forgot to water the plants regularly. Pretty sure one of the plants is now dead. And my sleep rhythm has gone completely flipped. It hasn't been this bad for a very long time now, and has never been this bad for so long. Previous year things were going pretty good...


    After trying to end it, her initial response is insult and how she was just about to talk about meeting, and then shift into telling me how bad she feels and asking me back together. If I reply to any of these messages, pretty soon she's like there was no break up and we're back together, though I just wanted to tell why it's a good thing for her too that it ended. Couple days go after she's pulled me back together and then she tells me how something came up and can't meet anytime soon.


    This 3rd time, week ago, after trying to end it, I was talking about it with someone, and said: "if I reply to her messages, pretty soon we're back together..." and that happened. Don't know why I let it continue, did I just want to see if the same thing happens yet again, just to confirm what I already knew? It's possible she really is very shy, and I can understand making excuses for not meeting because of that, but the result is more damage than good. I just can't be in this relationship anymore and I can't trust her not to make more.


    I should end it, right?

    1. bioshockfan90


      If it's affecting you to the point where it blocks your personal goals in life and if you genuinely feel it is not the best for your life to keep going in the direction as the way it is, and if you consider this partner as the sole obstacle in the path to doing so, then... It might be best to. I think the decision is mostly up to you, that's just what I personally think.

    2. Liberation


      Sounds like you getting messed around and not happy so then stop, if its not right, then its not right and its time to move on. 

    3. Nine Inch Heels

      Nine Inch Heels

      For a relationship it takes two people. For breaking up it takes only one. If you feel like you should be that one person, regardless of your reasons, then be that one person.

      Most important rule in a relationship: You need to feel good about being in it in the first place. If that's not the case, you can try to change things. If you tried to change things, and nothing happened, don't hesitate to move on. You're not going to make anybody else happy, if you stay in a relationship that does not make you happy, is what I'm saying here.

      Lifetime is precious. Don't let someone else waste yours just like that.