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  1. You know what? I hate them both. One because it screwed up the S.Q.W.I.R.E.L. Mod the first time and the other because it screwed it up the second time. Both editors hate me! Wintex doesn't rename one file when I tell it to and it puts a giant fucking wrench into everything. ARGH. ARGH ARGH and other pirate sayings!

    DoomEd always saves WAD's wrong if there are too many linedefs or sectors, or if it just feels like ruining your day. Lev02 in the mod has a sidedef with no MAIN texture because DoomEd needed to be a whiny bitch. I have had maps I've wanted to realease, but DoomEd sucks. Meh. It seems easier to use than other editors.

    P.S. My cat is drunk of his ass:

    1. Naked Snake

      Naked Snake


      Doom Builder rocks your pants and makes your dick start to dance.

    2. Scuba Steve

      Scuba Steve

      Wintex is the best Doom editing program ever made.

    3. Ralphis


      Scuba Steve said:

      Wintex is the best Doom editing program ever made.

      Agreed padawan