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  1. I ran Doom 3 in Ultra Quality, 1600x1200 resolution. It was still fairly playable. I took out an imp and a zombie with the shotgun and explored a bit.

    My specs:

    Athlon AMD 2.2Ghz
    Geforce 4 Ti 3200 128mb
    512 meg DDR ram

    This surprised the hell out of me, because Unreal Tournament 2003 runs about as well as this did in 1024x768 on highest settings. Bah! UT2k3 has levels smaller and infinitely less dense, and Doom 3 beats it out? WHAT THE HELL!?!!

    Unreal Tournament can suck it.

    Unreal Tournament can really suck it. I should have renamed this to "Unreal Tournament can suck it" because it can. People who bought Unreal Tournament 2004 for the extra stuff are idiots because they have wasted 5 gig on thier hard drive when Ut2k3 has mods for the new gameplay that are better.

    Look, vehicles that were made to ride the wave that Halo started. Halo sucks, so why not copy it instead of coming up with something good? The only thing that is worse than Halo is being sodomized in a gas station bathroom by a washed out member of the partridge family.

    Somebody told me on some ridiculous website that I would need "a computer that doesn't exist yet" to run it at highest quality. Meh. My 1 1/2 year-old machine does just fine. So, be hopeful humble players, and boost those goddamn video options through the freakin' roof!


    Be in awe, bitches! Be in awe.

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. DaJuice


      No, it looks like crap because there is nothing interesting in the scene.

    3. Dco16


      Sorry, Juice! I have to remember that next time I take a screenshot, I should do it at right at the end boss' defeat just to make sure that you're happy because, after all, I give a shit.

    4. BlackFish


      Ut2004 is 5.5gb because they're lots of content. UT2004 is way more than just "ut2004 with more crap". It plays rather different. Also, there are a lot of mods for it.

      Also, if you use 4X AA and AF in ut2004 it looks comparably nice as Doom 3.