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  1. Is anyone else sick of people who can't seem to bring forth enough skill to lead a monster into the light or, god forbid, shoot into the darkness? I don't see any problem with this. In fact, I have devised statistics from my own gameplay:

    Cause of death/Times killed by it:

    Crowded by zombies and battered to death - 4
    Minigun zombie - 5 times
    Archvile insanity - 6 times
    Not being able to see a monster - 0 FRIGGING TIMES.

    Quit bitching.

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    2. Vile


      The weapon switching is faster than certain other id games, so it didn't bother me at all. The game was already too easy on Veteran skill, anyhow.

    3. Quast


      If I wanted to play a game and shoot blindly into darkness...i'd turn my fucking monitor off

      Fuck, 99% of the time you wanna shoot something, you aim at your feet and hope that the creatures attack doesn't swing your view around, thus missing

      I'm not one to bitch about the darkness, because it creates some amount of atmosphere. My main complaint is the ridiculous amount of monsters (99% imps) that tele in your vicinity. Were 10% of the monsters placed in the map when they designed it? I'd wager they were not.

      "Dum dee dum, oh look, a room I must enter to complete some task...maybe i'll go there. I sure hope no imps teleport near the door/right behind me once I reach the computer/PDA"


    4. Amaster


      I dont mind the flashlight switching, but I DO mind some of the excessive dark spots. Sometimes the extreme contrast between lit areas and dark areas caused me a bit of eye strain.

      Heh, I only died a couple of times from enemy attacks. Most of my deaths were self-inflicted.