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  1. Everyone remembers their very first WADs, right?

    I found a couple in my doom2 directory today. Horrible horrible memories.

    Mine were terrible. Awful. They weren't especially bad in layout, but I made an entire megawad not knowing what TAGS were. Rooms and doors and cliffs and doors and lava and doors.

    Here are reasons that the community is thankful that I had no idea how to upload anything before S.Q.W.I.R.E.L. (which I've even already come to regret... except for the oil rig level)

    Unnamed 1 - I thought that two rooms wrapped around a first was so neat at the time. Especially if the first had a Spider Mastermind, the second had 1000 SS Nazis, and the third was a giant HOM. SOOO COOL!

    KISSTHESKY - Let's just say I wondered why the floor sky and ceiling sky were all messed up.

    Center of Hell - four rooms, one with weapons, one with powerups, and one with a cyberdemon. The fourth? A 512 tall box with full walled-doors baby!

    BIG.wad - What's this? The normal "HONEY I SHRUNK THE DOOM MARINE" level.

    CHAOS - An attempt at a megawad, thankfully long gone and forgotten. I am so absolutely fucking glad this never went anywhere. Sure, it was 18 levels when I was done, but it never left my computer. It was a PC where you played a gray imp that used the normal doom weapons. This thing could have made D:RE look like P:AR

    CHAOS 2: Season of Death - See above, except add overly ambitious level design without experience or Source port effects coupled with 2-frame HL:Opposing Force screenshot atrocities. The wad ate itself and was unusable after I'd done four levels. Thank frigging god.

    Blargh - The beginning of a transition from "Crap" to "Less crap." Still crap. I tried making a bunch of DM levels for Skulltag (when it first had bots). The result - almost decent maps.

    Rotten - The ROTT tribute level that sucked beyond belief. No moving walls, no jump pads... could have been death if I hadn't ditched it to work on Next Nightmare. At least it had a descriptive title.

    That's it.

    1. fraggle


      My first WAD was an enormous room with STARTAN3 on the walls. There were about 30 cyberdemons in the room facing away from you. In addition to the cyberdemons there was a single trooper. Upon starting the level, the trooper would attack you but there would be no way to retaliate without waking up the entire room. There was also a switch (actually a huge wall with a repeating switch texture) for the exit on the opposite side of the room.

      Somehow in the process of trying to make a door, I managed to screw up such that one pressing on one wall would cause the ceiling to start raising upwards into infinity.

    2. Kochipahk


      My first wad was a small two-room map. The first had a SSG and a box of shells. The second had 4 imps. I still have it, too.

    3. iori


      Yeah I'm still proud I learned how to make doors and lifts etc without the need of a 'MAEK DOOR' button. deu rules.