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  1. The grand total for profits in the donut shop drive thru for four hours tonight?

    $4.67. Obviously incorrect, considering the fact that the one sandwich sold was worth more than that.

    One of my co workers is embezzling and I'm likely going to be blamed. Fun fun fun.

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    2. Hobbs


      Dittohead said:

      Eat a donut in front of your manager just as he's asking you what's up with the cash variance. Then, like in the twix commercial, shove as much of it as you can into your mouth to avoid answering the question. It'll be hilarious, just like on TV.

      Or not. Weeping, creeping Jesus your suggestion is not a good way to keep a job. Assuming this blog poster wants to keep his.

    3. Bloodshedder


      Perhaps you should brush up on your sarcasm skills?

    4. Dco16


      I already still have my job, and so does the theif, because the security cameras that are supposed to look directly over the register in order to catch a thief if one were to steal... they can't see theft from the drawer. So the cameras are being fixed. If they ever try it again, oh boy, are they gonna get it... if the cameras are fixed correctly and moved to a reasonable place.