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  1. 1. Stumble upon a bit of Doomworld forum drama.

    2. In response to this drama, decide to create a quick jokewad, as it is customary to do so after forum drama. Do not spend more than six hours on this piece, especially if you have a paper due the following week.

    3. Release it to the public under an assumed name (the name of the drama queen who started that drama) in order to continue the running joke, but put your actual e-mail address in the text file in order to leave a clue (other than the ridiculous WAD) that this is, in fact, a joke perpetrated by someone in the community. Don't forget to title by putting a "z" on the end of a recognized phrase to make it TOTALLY BALLIN'.

    4. Expect people to hate you. In fact, expect people to throw accusations that you consume fetuses.

    5. Be pleasantly surprised when people take the wad seriously. Do not destroy the fantasy that someone is actually making fun of the newstuff reviewers for doing their jobs, rather than a person making fun of a forum drama queen for being a mong.

    6. On risk of being losered, tell everyone that they've made a terrible mistake, but don't apologize, because the outcome of the original bad joke wad was funnier (to the author) than the wad itself.

    I wish that this shit had come up around the end of March. A joke is only as good as the timing.

    1. Bloodshedder


      I thought the English in those screenshots was a little too good.

    2. Grazza


      Ah, that explains why it is for EDGE. I thought that seemed a bit incongruous.