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  1. Individualised

    Are there any editors for snes doom?

    The source code release contains a tool to convert PC Doom maps to the SNES Doom format, but good luck getting the SNES Doom source code to compile. There was a level conversion tool made before the source code release but it was gatekept.
  2. Individualised

    The Ultimate Bloat

    AAA games take so long to produce these days that if you start development in one generation, it will almost certainly end up releasing on the next generation of consoles instead.
  3. Individualised

    What GZDoom/UDMF format is used for Doom 1 editing?

    Some people might want to specifically create a .WAD for people who have DOOM.WAD though. Remember the Doom 1 and Doom 2 (Final Doom is weird territory, because you're technically paying for it when you buy Doom 2 currently, but it's also separately available for download for free from the add-ons service for not just Doom 2's Unity version but Doom 1 as well. I don't know how that works in terms of licencing.) IWADs still aren't free, so it's not completely unreasonable, even if the number of people on here who don't already own all of the IWADs is miniscule.
  4. Individualised

    What GZDoom/UDMF format is used for Doom 1 editing?

    There kinda is because GZDoom supporting Doom 2 stuff in Doom 1 doesn't mean DOOM.WAD has the assets for them.
  5. Individualised

    Favorite Doom YouTuber?

  6. Individualised

    Doom 0.5 reverse engineering project

    Thank you for all your effort you have put into reverse engineering Doom 0.5! I feel that the pre-release versions of Doom games are much underappreciated in the community (last time I asked here about a possible decompilation of the October 1993 build, I was just told "there's nothing interesting left to find" even though I do find how these builds tick under the hood to be interesting in and of itself) so every time I see them getting attention I have to point it out. Hope your efforts lead to a full gamesrc-like decompilation (though it would take a lot of hard work to get there).
  7. Individualised

    IRL Buildings that look like Doom Buildings

    In England, many of our cities look like MAP13. Okay, maybe that's a bit harsh. The drab colour scheme is there at least. BLAKWALL was actually inspired by id Software's office building!
  8. (note: I am not part of this project) I think there may be some confusion. This is a Doom 1 project, and the map order will be finalised later so your map name doesn't matter as long as it's ExMx. The resource .WAD provided doesn't have any maps included. If you're talking about my DEV.WAD, that doesn't contain all of the maps that this project is based on; rather, they are maps from Romero's source data dump, some of which this project has slots for and others it doesn't (as it contains Doom 2 stuff as well).
  9. I mean my post was misleading if it is possible to get it to work properly on Linux, so no worries!
  10. I always just accepted it as reality that automatic node building wasn't going to work on Linux and that I'd have to do it manually. I'll give this a go.
  11. Individualised

    Why 32 Levels?

    You're actually not far off. Towards the end of development (specifically on July 29th, 1994) they almost completely changed the level order (only Entryway and Industrial Zone remained in their slots), and many levels switched episodes. Some of these levels were rethemed and redesigned to fit their new slots better, but many only had difficulty adjustments made. This, alongside a large amount of textures being cut from Doom 2 later on, is why Doom 2 has a much more generic look than Doom 1. I think 32 singleplayer levels was the intention for most of the game's development though. And I just saw that Romero also said that, so yeah.
  12. You have to externally build nodes every time you save your levels. They'll work in GZDoom without it but not in most other source ports or the vanilla game.
  13. Individualised

    Post your Doom textures!

    Old post but I just want to say how uncomfortable that Cacodemon brick texture made me feel at first. ...perfect for a level idea I had though.