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  1. doomaddict

    DC is evil!

    DC=Doom Connector (by CodeImp)
  2. Does the file extension .wad have any purpose other than DOOM files?
  3. nice video. Now we have high speed internet (good thing, I have it) BUT we also have MOTHER FUCKING RETARDED BRAINLESS EVIL IDIOTIC ANNOYING MORONS who send us DEADLY VIRUSES, SPYWARE AND ADWARE, SPAM SHIT, and programs that are designed to STEAL SECRET INFORMATION leading to a credit card theft or even a :( murder :(. Chat rooms, Forums (like this one), and downloads have existed since the creation though. Basically everything else is from the 1990s or 2000s.
  4. doomaddict

    Action Doom Contest #2

    Seems like Boris is the winner! That is one hell of a score (how long did it take him to do that?)
  5. doomaddict

    Deus Vult II underway

    Do you have a projected release date?
  6. doomaddict

    emo music

    reminds me of emogame.com
  7. doomaddict

    pwned.nl -- funny video

    I don't spend all of my time on a forum. If you want to know what I do, go to digitalmzx.net and have fun. And I also play DOOM and DOOM II as well.
  8. doomaddict

    pwned.nl -- funny video

    Don't make false assumptions. Take a look at this. A. I don't play any MMO's (I do not play Deathmatch DOOM). B. Ending another life for reasons other than self-defense, in a video game or survival is the worst action any human can do. C. It's JUST A GAME. Of course everyone wants to win (the game would not be fun otherwise), but SOMEBODY has to be a loser. Even those who lose a game still had fun playing the game. D. There is nothing happy about killing (in real-life), only sadness, hatred, anger, and death. It's a bad idea to make assumptions without proof.
  9. doomaddict


    try zeuxworld.com OR digitalmzx.net and download MEGAZEUX V 2.7. Oh, and on both of the forums, my names VELOCITY (the guys name on pwned.nl. JUST KIDDING-I'm Zeuxaddict (----addict).
  10. doomaddict

    Skulltag.com is disable

    There's another thread on this. http://www.doomworld.com/vb/showthread.php?s=&threadid=24848
  11. doomaddict

    pwned.nl -- funny video

    What scares the hell out of me is that this is REALITY. It's scary to know that some people are sick enough to kill innocent people over a STUPID ONLINE GAME. I also believe that the "admins" can control these people's MINDS, their FEELINGS. If the admins wanted some people to KILL, they could simply remove their accounts, or take away valuable assets to the character. I think we should have a poll, asking whether Massive Multiplayer Online Games should be banned.
  12. doomaddict

    pwned.nl -- funny video

    Well, the shooting scene is not funny, but it brings up a point. Many people who lose valuable characters, items, tons of money, etc. are stupid enough to kill people. This guy happens to be one of them.
  13. doomaddict

    pwned.nl -- funny video

    It happens on DOOMWORLD as well (not as often, but still) Check out this dudes profile. http://www.doomworld.com/vb/member.php?s=&action=getinfo&userid=4115
  14. doomaddict

    pwned.nl -- funny video

    I didn't know you are a dictator!
  15. doomaddict

    pwned.nl -- funny video

    This thread is old (page 2 on everything else) but it lists some more MMORPG's. Feel free to discuss any weird behavior (homicidal of suicidal threats, etc.) I'm not sure if that thread should be bumped up though (ask an admin or mod).