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  1. DarkSoul

    Doomers by Location

    -Earth --USA ---Wisconsin ----Appleton -----DarkSoul
  2. DarkSoul

    Super Sonic Screenies - part 14

    Cool only 2 more levels to go (right?). First screenshot of Doom Star reminds me of vrack (but then again almost every gray level reminds me of vrack). The spiral stairs are awesome. Hope you finish this soon.
  3. First level I played was Map 1 the entryway of doom2 (didn't play doom1 till later). First pwad I played was some level called the x-file from some really old doom wad site.
  4. DarkSoul

    Custom textures etc

    You can download some here
  5. DarkSoul

    The /newstuff Chronicles #203

    You can always LEARN how to script though.
  6. DarkSoul

    Bossdemo Trouble

    You have to load it with boss.wad (or whatever it is) cause thats the wad that contains all the info and sprites for the bosses.
  7. DarkSoul

    Tei Tenga?

    Yes it is mentioned in the Doom Bible. It was suppose to be some giant moon or something where the first episode would take place. Just see for yourself here
  8. DarkSoul

    Running Boom on newer systems

    You can use prboom which I think runs on Windows XP/2000 without any errors
  9. DarkSoul

    /files/doom_III/maps chronicles!

    It looks as if Ty is setting up the /idgames3 for doom3 right now.
  10. DarkSoul

    Favorite indivisual Doom level ever

    Vrack 3 Mostly because I just love massively detailed levels, and this has to be the most beautiful level I have ever seen.
  11. DarkSoul

    Favorite Wad Of 2004 So Far

    There's way to many wads I liked to only pick one. So I'll just make a list. Deus Vult New World Phocas Island The Island RTC-3057 Action Doom Tremor Part 1 Vile Flesh Lost Gateway The Attraction to All Things Uncertain The Zdoom Community Map And probably more I can't think of right now.
  12. DarkSoul

    The BEST Doom2 Wad ever?

    Nmn: Sorry, I should have said it would be ONE of the best, not the best. Also another good wad is mordeth imo. For some reason I like to play that a lot.
  13. DarkSoul

    Super Sonic Screenies - part 12

    Glad to see this is still coming along nicely.
  14. DarkSoul

    The /newstuff Chronicles #200

    SP! Well at least Titan got released this week, although I was hoping for more good stuff.