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  1. "the freedom of action". In games, by definition, there is no freedom, because any game has its own rules. What you mean is the principle of any game. There is an enemy in the game > the enemy must be killed in order to go further. Regardless of how you kill, there is no freedom of choice, there are just ways, that is, the game, by definition, forces you to do what is required of you. All these are just differences in the methods of killing, and the very device of the game makes you do what she wants
  2. Ui4

    What do you want id to do next after Eternal?

    In general, if they make a new Doom, then there will obviously be a doomguy backstory, but I would like them to combine the history of events after Doom 64 (the history of the night sentinels) and between Doom 2016 - Eternal. That is, there will be two gameplay concepts: night sentinels and a new interpretation of Doom 2016 gameplay. In addition, the structure of battles will be different due to different worlds and time. The world after the events of Doom 64 will be a semi-open world with a focus on bosses and action scenes, and between the events of Doom 2016 and Doom Eternal there will be an arena shooter with new elements. According to the plot, the main character will influence himself from the past and the future. But it is obvious that id software will not make such a large-scale game because of the very concept and budget.
  3. Ui4

    What do you want id to do next after Eternal?

    There are such concepts as metagame and emergence. Therefore, this is not a Rubik's Cube experience, because Doom Eternal is a large structure where you can be creative in using the features of the game. The fact that you beat the game on ultra nightmare does not mean anything, because Doom Eternal itself is easy due to many hidden mechanics, but at the same time it is fun as a challenge where you have a lot of tools, but little information.
  4. And why is he better? Structurally, it all boils down to high dps through combos. For me, even the complex system of the whole game is weaker there than in Doom Eternal, because the emphasis is on combinations, and not on the entire structure of the battle