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  1. Majuub

    Most FPS you have gotten on the highest settings

    I play Doom3 at around an average of 50fps, 39.8 in the timedemo. High Quality, all settings on, no AA, 8 x AF. Turning on AA at all halves my FPS, but 16fps isnt bad on my system for 6 x AA and 16 x AF Comp Specs. P4 3.2ghz Prescott Radeon 9800XT 256mb 1.024 gig Corsair TwinX RAM
  2. Majuub

    Protect The Guys - Single Player Map d3

    I love the SoulSphere :P
  3. Majuub

    Warning for Ungibbable Mod Users! *Minor Spoiler*

    you can stick most mods straight into the doom3 base folder, that way you dont need to turn them on by accessing the mods section of the game (if you dont want to use them anymore you just delete or move them out of the base folder). I tested the not spawning theory in an earlier part of the game, it was a bit where you kill a imp and instantly see a shotgun zombie come running past the other side of a window to come and get you, well i tried that same spot again with ungibble in my base folder and i killed the imp again but the zombie never appeared.
  4. Majuub

    Warning for Ungibbable Mod Users! *Minor Spoiler*

    The original Ungibbable mod of the same name only stops the burn away effect for 60 seconds, so it will merely take a little longer to kill the Cyberdemon. This is only a theory as i havent tested it myself.
  5. Majuub

    FPS Command for Doom3

    In the console type the following: com_showfps 1 Or bind it to toggle with a key like this (i use the p key): bind "p" "toggle com_showfps"
  6. Majuub

    Third person view

    I have discovered that you can access third person view in doom3 by typing pm_thirdperson 0/1 in the console. but it would be cool if a mod was made that raised the camera above the doomguys head and added a crosshair as well, maybe its already in the console command list?
  7. Majuub

    Anyone get a Pewter Mancubus with Doom 3?

    Its not me who looks at porn...its him, honest :P
  8. Majuub

    Anyone get a Pewter Mancubus with Doom 3?

    Me, me, me, me.........I gotsa Mancubus, he is king of my computer now, looking down on all who play games and other puta stuff :p
  9. Majuub

    Which first, SP or MP?

    I plan to jump straight into SP, I'll prob get the Xbox version for the multiplayer cos my brother and a few friends have xboxes so we will lan it :P
  10. Majuub

    Graphics Card Thread

    maybe it means that with 256mb card itll uncompress half the stuff in the game stuff, kinda like a compromise between compressed and uncompressed
  11. Majuub


  12. Majuub

    When I get Doom 3....

    When i get Doom3.........I'll be very happy indeed!!!
  13. Majuub

    Doom 3 engine speculation

    I read an interview with Carmack that stated that doom3 wouldnt be the last in the doom series (that would be insane) but for their next game Id wants to create a new game that isn't a doom or quake and that the engine for the next game wouldn't be as great a leap as between quake3 and doom 3 engines.
  14. Majuub


    Now thats comedy, LOL
  15. Majuub

    When I get Doom 3....

    Perhaps there will be a Demon catwalk like at the end of doom2