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  1. Professor Hastig

    dsda-doom v0.27.5 [2023-12-03]

    Doom was never meant to be 16:10. 320x200 has always been presented in 4:3 aspect ratio and that is what nearly all ports adapt the display for. The upper image is how it is supposed to look.
  2. Professor Hastig

    Scream 7

    It's time for this franchise to die. The first trilogy was okay, albeit with steadily declining quality. I only saw the fourth movie when I bought a 4-pack of Blu-rays, and hated it. The three utterly stupid prologues were enough to spoil it for me, but what came after was a mere shadow of the originals. I never bothered with 5 and when 6 was made without Neve Campbell, I knew it was over. Whatever comes next can only fail, but Hollywood never seems to realize when a franchise has run out of steam.
  3. Professor Hastig

    dsda-doom v0.27.5 [2023-12-03]

    Yes, please. And while you are at it, it'd be a great if you added the binaries directly to your tagged releases instead of linking to somewhere on Google drive. This is standard procedure these days which all other ports follow.
  4. Professor Hastig

    Source Ports personal deal breakers

    I'd be very careful with polls about things where one side feels very strongly about it while the majority of the other side seems to be mostly indifferent to the issue, as long as it's still accessible. Texture filtering seems to be one such issue where it is very easy to mobilize the opponents but also very likely to get a shrug from its proponents, at least that's the impression I get from the people I know. What does "work with the users" even mean? The way I interpret it is to give up one's own vision of the project and just do what the users want. What you get is 100's of people pulling a project in different directions, turning a motivated developer into a tired manager who is busy dealing with customer requests. To me this doesn't sound like a hobby anymore, but like a stressful unpaid job, and the likelihood is high that a developer caught up in this will eventually quit and move on to greener pastures.
  5. Professor Hastig

    Which monster you wanna be from doom 1 and 2?

    I don't wanna be an Arch-Vile and eventually die from my own actions... :D
  6. Professor Hastig

    Doom Mac OS source code released

    It also contains full IWADs of both Doom 1 and Doom 2 so it may well be that it won't last forever. Unloading the entire CD without sanitizing its contents first was not the greatest idea in the world, especially when considering that archive.org has already run into some legal problems with other things they hosted. With that, I think in its current state it better be treated as warez.
  7. Doom, Heretic, Hexen, Strife: GZDoom Duke3D, Blood, Shadow Warrior, Redneck Rampage: Raze Quake 1: Quakespasm Quake 2: Yamagi Dark Forces: The Force Engine Jedi Knight: OpenJKDF2
  8. Professor Hastig

    Does anyone fear that the next doom games story might... suck :(

    I rather have a game with no story and good gameplay than one with a good story and mediocre gameplay. So why should I care about the story? I want the gameplay to be fun!
  9. Professor Hastig

    Who else has never beat the iwad maps in a single playthrough?

    I take breaks during playing, the only IWAD episode short enough to get through in one go without one is E1.
  10. Professor Hastig

    Npc disappearing after conversation?

    You set it in the editor, it should be called something like "thing ID" or "thing tag"
  11. Professor Hastig

    Npc disappearing after conversation?

    According to the docs 'Thing_Destroy(0)' will kill all monsters. You have to give your NPC a unique tid and pass that as parameter.
  12. Professor Hastig

    What’s a theme / setting you’d like to see in PWADs?

    I prefer maps that could be a real place, even in a SciFi setting - it doesn't have to be done in a way that looks realistic but the less hell the better. As the most frequent theme matching this is techbases many of those are inevitably among my favorite maps.
  13. Professor Hastig

    Source Ports personal deal breakers

    The ones I find most important is to disable vertical thrust from explosions and to reinstate the limit of 21 Lost Souls spawned by the Pain Elemental. Hm... Aside from the Dehacked support, if these were forced I'd never have gotten back into Doom recently. Which just shows that tastes differ wildly and it is very important to keep all options alive, even the ones one might consider unnecessary for themselves. It's a good thing we have so many ports that cover the whole spectrum. :)
  14. Professor Hastig

    Bool, but better?

    Of course you can: if (yourMom <= 0) { Do_something (6, 9); }
  15. Professor Hastig

    Source Ports personal deal breakers

    My deal breakers are not having (in order of importance) 1. Support of native resolutions - 640x480 as offered by the entire 'Crispy'/'Retro' family doesn't really work that well anymore on a 4K display 2. Proper mouse aim - it's what I am used to from other games so I'd like to have it in Doom as well. 3. Modern sound support - I have my computer hooked up with my multi-$1000 stereo and those cheap-ass 90's 16 bit stereo mixers just don't cut it. Things that annoy me but wouldn't break the deal 4. no hardware accelerated rendering - for properly looking up and down and for performance on very high resolutions this is important 5. hardware rendering only supporting paletted output . I'm not a fan of this look and only put up with it if unavoidable. I think sound is the most underappreciated feature here. This isn't exclusive to Doom, but present in many other ports of older games as well, too many just keep the original sound code and then just write the output to an SDL stream.