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Cyberdemon Lord

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  1. Cyberdemon Lord


    Hey JACKEL, Check your E-mail...
  2. Cyberdemon Lord


    What the heck did I do!?
  3. Cyberdemon Lord


    if he's a retard, then why hasn't he been banned twice? What makes you think I have been banned?
  4. Cyberdemon Lord


    Fraggle, you are such a retard!
  5. Cyberdemon Lord

    adios, for now...!

    Actually I registered quite a long time ago see, I just registered as two different people, see?
  6. Cyberdemon Lord

    Doomcenter's pic of the day

    LOL! and then ROFL! It's so hairy...
  7. Cyberdemon Lord

    Know what I think?

    C'mon Demon Boy! Doom has been popular since it came out around 1993! You don't here heaps about Diablo now do you! So fuck off!!!!!
  8. Cyberdemon Lord

    Know what I think?

    Hey! What the fuck is wrong with you Toke!? Don't take it out on the lost soul! Taking it out on Demon Boy? I like that better!
  9. Cyberdemon Lord

    Today is my Birthday !

    Heh heh! :)
  10. Cyberdemon Lord

    I would like to say...

    Do you have a dog named Sparky?
  11. Cyberdemon Lord

    Today is my Birthday !

    Happy Birthday young man!
  12. Cyberdemon Lord

    Favorite hellspawn

    You suck! You go for easy! Barons of Hell and Hell Knights are like bees to the cyberdemon! You don't want it to be easy! Fuck the Barons and give me a challenge!! The cyberdemon is one tricky customer, I panic every time I see one but I get him in the end. :) Barons and Hell Knights are still cool though... ;)
  13. Cyberdemon Lord

    Favorite hellspawn

    Cacodemons: They float in the air, belch ball-lightning, and boasts one Hell of a big mouth. You're toast if you get too close to these monstrosities. The first time I played DOOM I walked around a corner and I heard a HIIISSSSS which made me PIIISSSSS my pants! Barons of Hell: The Hell Knight was bad news, but this is Big Daddy. These bruisers are a lot like Hell Knights, but look a little different and are twice as tough to kill. The Spider Mastermind: You guess the Arachnotrons had to come from somewhere. Hi, mom. She doesn't have a plasma gun, so thank heaven for small favors. Instead, she has a super-chaingun. Crap. The Cyberdemon: A missile-launching skyscraper with goat legs. 'Nuff said. Now I can rest...
  14. Cyberdemon Lord

    who is "fuckmordeth"

    Yeah, could somebody email some to me too...
  15. Cyberdemon Lord

    hey im new to doomworld but not doom

    Wuzzzzzup!!! Welcome to hell! Where everything is pretty uncool...