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  1. Giest118

    someone has some splaining to do

    There was also a thread stating that you would be losered if another thread was made regarding this.
  2. Giest118

    someone has some splaining to do

    Hm... 1: dron and Edward leak KDiZD 2: I become one of the recipients of this leak 3: I be an asshole about it on the ZDoom Forums 4: Tormentor has a nervous breakdown and leaves the community 5: I get banned from the ZDoom Forums 6: NiGHTMARE has a nervous breakdown and whines about it on DW 7: People tell him to shut the fuck up 8: Nick Baker World is born I fucking win.
  3. Giest118

    someone has some splaining to do

    Someone going by the name of NiGHTMARE that was whining constantly about the community. There's a thread in the blogs forum which is 4 pages of him whining and people saying "shut the fuck up" in various humorous ways.
  4. Giest118

    someone has some splaining to do

    /me sticks his penis in Nick Baker's mouth
  5. Giest118


    Download Mock2. You will find what you're looking for.
  6. Giest118

    Quick sound question

    OGG is compressed like MP3, but it's also different in some ways. I can't explain the technicalities, but OGG is better for filesize.
  7. Giest118

    Quick sound question

    OGG > MP3.
  8. Giest118

    THE Official Sock Thread

    Because we all know the alphabet contains two B's.
  9. Giest118

    Scripting Problems

    Alternatively... Replace "var = var - 1;" with "var-=1;".
  10. Giest118

    Scripting Problems

    First of all, give them all the same TID (Thing ID). Then, use this script (using 1 as the TID for this example) Script 1 OPEN { while(thingcount(0,1) > 0) { Delay(35); } [whatever the event is goes here] }
  11. Giest118

    THE Official Sock Thread

    I wear socks sometimes. You know, if a particular situation calls for socks. Which is very rare cuz I never get off my ass and go outside.
  12. Giest118

    Original Doom

    Hm... *tests* Yes, it does. If you play on skill1/2, only Episode 1 appears on the menu for selection. If you play on skill1, all you get is episode 1. Play skill2, you get transitioned to Episode 2 right after. However, doing this means no transition from Episode 2 to 3. If you play on skill3 or higher, you can play through all three episodes of SNES Doom consecutively.
  13. Giest118

    Original Doom

    Doesn't the SNES transition thing depend on what skill level you're playing on?
  14. Giest118

    What is your job?

    I throw bricks at children ages 8 and under. I get paid 25 dollars for each knockout, +10 if a mother cheers.
  15. Giest118

    Lord Vile done!

    1: A limit can't be set. Sucks, don't it? 2: It can be weakened, yes, but slicing health in half can't be done. 3: Yeah, that can be done.