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  1. Bouncy

    Let's improve barons.

    I made a quick and dirty thing, too. Berzerker Barons. Barons are a fuckton more aggressive and have a chance of unleashing an attack to hit circle-strafers, but their health is reduced considerably (400, same as a cacodemon). They gain in strength what they lose in fortitude.
  2. Bouncy

    How about a top ten worst FPS?

    Most of that top 10 covered mine, so i'll just add one. Exploding Lips. ...Anything by Godd Games, really, but Exploding Lips is the one I actually went through. I can't name any other FPS whose controls pissed me off as much. If they worked, RNGesus gave you one hell of a blessing. There were times where the controls were totally unrespsonsive, delayed responsive, too responsive, buttons were assigned that just make no goddamn sense <I seem to recall one of the number pad keys being a critical button needed to play>, and overall it was just one hell of an acid trip.
  3. it does go to the steam wallet only in regards to refunds. Read here. http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/refundpolicy Which I personally find shady as hell, as that basically means even the refunded money is still in valve's pockets. In-store credit is not the same thing, even if it has a rough equivalent value. Edit: And, on another wonderful note, this lovely gem was linked over in zdoom a while ago. http://forums.bethsoft.com/topic/1516854-midas-magic-spells-for-skyrim-xilverbulet-in-game-ads/ in-game ads encouraging people to buy the paid version of a mod? Lovely. At this point, the damage is done. The skyrim modding community is basically shattered.
  4. Reposting this from various posts of mine in the zdoom thread about it, as I feel there's some stuff on here still warranting discussion. Post the first: Saw a list on Reddit that sums up most of my issues with this pretty succinctly. * Valve taking money from modders (75%!) * No system in place to stop stolen mods * No system in place to limit low-effort mods * Overpriced "micro"transactions. * No guarantee that the mod will be patched if an update happens. * Modders lose rights to their mod after uploading. * 24 hour return policy which does nothing to ensure that a mod is compatible. Errors may only become evident days after "purchase." * Not even a minimum guarantee of Quality Assurance. At least developer-produced DLC is expected to have gone through QA. Alongside the simple fact that this system, as implemented now, destroys any and all collaborative goodwill in the community [freaking SkyUI is already moving to have a paid version. You know, a mod so ubiquitous to skyrim modding that there's thousands of derivatives. Allllll fucked now.] and the only people who really win with this is Valve <and probably Bethesda, who I presume gets something out of that 75% cut>. I'm okay with the idea of paid modding, but not at the cost of the community. I'm also not really okay with the way it seems right now anyway, as, to give a doom community example... if I made some really cool mod, uploaded it to idgames, then suddenly doom 2 has a steam workshop and I uploaded a newer, better version there behind a paywall.... yeah, do I just get that 25%? Do the people who make Slade, Gzdoom Builder, Gzdoom, and Ty Halderman just get nothing out of their parts? Because that's not really all that fair, and the presence of money for doom modding could have changed the outcome of those tools existing to begin with. Mods tend to be a derivative, collaborative work. It's a bunch of people united over a game and what they can create with it. But you introduce steam workshop's paid modding system and suddenly it's a walled garden; no one would want to share their resources because some other schmuck will be profiting off of them while they don't see a dime, until they push their own paid mod. The community loses. Valve has not tackled these questions, or even thought of them as far as I can see. And with how Greenlight turned out, I really don't feel like they should be the ones implementing this at all. They've not shown the capacity to manage blatant copyright thefts before without a lot of shouting about it; how are they going to deal with much subtler shit like stolen code and meshes? Post the second: Apparently, the refunds steam gives are just steam wallet cash. Not sure how I feel about that, either. That basically means even the refunds are still in valve's bank accounts. Post the third: http://www.reddit.com/r/skyrimmods/comments/33qcaj/the_experiment_has_failed_my_exit_from_the/ One of the mod authors who put up a paid mod <and had theirs taken away> speaking up about their experience. Worth checking. *disappears back to the realm of lurking*
  5. Paint Shop Pro seems to handling them just fine. Though apparently a program called XnViewMP can handle them too.
  6. Why is it so bad, you ask? Well, it'll take a little while to explain, because basically the answer involves every single thing in the teaser. [/plinkett] :P yeah, i'm not very impressed thus far.
  7. Honestly, there's only two who i'd consider likely to win. Bane, for all the mentioned reasons above. Dude is a beast, physically and mentally. In a raw deathmatch brawl, there is no equal. But...if there's aaaany sort of planning allowed in this, the other would probably be Ra's Al Ghul. An all-villain showdown sounds like something he could conjure up, and stay directly uninvolved with so that whoever's left *can* be picked off by him and his forces directly. Or hire or something, as I seem to recall he respected Bane. And then, "fun" times ahead for the Detective!
  8. it was enough for iD to make $200,000 each MONTH for a year and a half.
  9. Because wolfenstein had release over the internet to a FAR wider audience, and Spear of Destiny just as much so due to retail. Hovertank and Catacombs 3d were released by softdisk; and softdisk was a subscriber-model. Only those who were subscribed to them got the stuff they made. To say the least, exposure there was like a bucket compared to the ocean that is the internet, even then.
  10. Bouncy

    3 Wishes

    1. Humanity has greater empathy/sympathy for each other. 2. Humanity has greater intelligence. 3. That each person has the resources needed to successfully pursue their dreams. I'd be pretty happy in a world with that.
  11. Bouncy

    GameMaker Of Diabolical Distinction

    They're still making stuff, today. http://www.goddgames.com
  12. Bouncy

    The 3D Realms main Build engine games thread

    It had a 'playable' demo but it had *no* graphics of its own. It was nowhere near done.
  13. Bouncy

    GameMaker Of Diabolical Distinction

    You can download Exploding Lips itself, but that's really it. http://www.explodinglips.com/ftp/lipsdemo.zip will only work in win95-xp.
  14. Bouncy

    Help remembering this strange FPS

    it's baked into the textures, actually. You can tell by how it clips and isn't aligned properly at points. The rest of the lighting itself is...well, weird. You're presuming way too much competence in their engine. and, yeah, it's no surprise few ever heard of this, considering the people behind it are absolute nutjobs who believe in bardo spaces that somehow exist out there or whatever. They still exist, and they're still using stolen assets for things. http://www.goddgames.com also worth noting, to anyone who really wants to know more of exploding lips, that the wayback machine is the best way to grab snippets from their website, and that, even more importantly, it's one of those weird late 90s games [this is a 1998 release. That the developers say was being worked on for 25 years. What a riot.] that requires windows 98 to XP to work and refuses to function with anything else.
  15. Bouncy

    Gaming PC Components...

    Going to give a vote to a different group of pre-builds: Maingear. It's a bit hard to complain about guys who have no bloatware whatsoever and let you speak to the guy who built your machine directly for tech support. Add in reasonable prices for the sort of components you're getting and, yeah.