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  1. Bouncy

    Untitled Doom64 Wad(FOR GZDOOM)---- 7 Map Demo (WIP)

    So, I really enjoyed what's here so far! I had a fun romp through the maps and scrapped maps alike. :) I also took a few minutes to make an optional add-on for this level pack, using songs from my Perdition Doom 64 tribute album as new music material for the levels, too. Thought it'd be fun to see which songs I felt fit which levels! https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ouVU5c0oiKkx-BK9DdRfo2WCs2xEJEvE/view?usp=sharing I've included it here for anyone who might be interested. Keep up the good work! I'm looking forward to more of this. :D I did also really enjoy your custom track for Accursed. I didn't realize it wasn't a proper track until I read your posts above!
  2. So on a random hunch I decided to take a look at Rheingold's text file to see what its permissions are and, well.... welp.
  3. by all accounts the rheingold one most likely is just a tribute or homage to wolfendoom and wasn't meant to be anything more than a cute reference, certainly not something done in bad faith or malice - but the lack of laz rojas in the credits, as far as i've been able to discern, still leaves it a wholesale ripoff that was unattributed, and, thus, plagiarized. If it were a wolf3d map originally that everyone would be familiar with, it wouldn't be such a huge deal - the e1m1 tribute in the same map I would definitely consider a homage rather than a ripoff - but because the map itself is laz rojas's original work, copying *that* wholesale with almost no edits without credit leaves a bad taste in my mouth. The sheer extent of how much of the map was copied puts it beyond simple homage territory to me, too. that's ultimately one of the main consequences of plagiarizing - it can no longer be *assumed* to simply be tribute or homage as a more skeptical lens is now on everything.
  4. That's the unfortunate consequence when someone's caught plagiarizing, unfortunately - their *entire stock of work* is now in question and people will start scrutinizing their past efforts, leading to new examples.
  5. So, while we're on the topic of plagiarizing, i'd like to add an anecdotal case from The Ultimate Torment and Torture. Specifically, the lost episode's hitler secret stealing its assets and architecture from Laz Rojas's Operation Rheingold with no credit given. It could just be a cute tribute, sure, but the lack of credit *whatsoever* is just another layer to the problem that blurs and sullies the line.
  6. For those who seem to be downplaying the plagiarism side of things, I think there's a thing you need to understand here. Just about all community works have some kind of trust and genuinity behind them. When you're *caught* plagiarizing, that trust is gone, and now, even if it was a one time mistake or weakness [and, from my knowledge and experiences, it never is just once], that changes nothing about how that trust is *gone* and everything you do is now going to be scrutinized, just as much for protecting their own backs as it is broken faith in the person to do right. The community's faith in you is broken, because it was betrayed.
  7. Man, reading this thread and watching it all unfold, i'm getting some *serious* Kenji Yamamoto flashbacks. I'm going to be inclined to agree with Bauul - this is well beyond coincidence territory.
  8. Bouncy

    Perdition Music for New Doom 64 Maps

    https://www.doomworld.com/forum/topic/112618-perdition-a-doom-64-tribute-album/ They're all here in this album. The tracks used were: 05 - Central Command 09 - Drowned Dreams 13 - Terror's Ecclesiarch 15 - Anti Radiance 17 - Unheard Whispers 22 - Charnel Feast 25 - Visage of Hatred
  9. Something that might've happened if there had been time for it! There's new maps for Doom 64, but they re-use music that already existed in the old levels. This quick little mod gives them some new songs from my recent Perdition Album. Pretty straightforward. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1B4gSndNTVEQv1rjnmAFITXBnoZQeBMVa/view?usp=sharing pretty simple use - place in the doom 64 folder, right click doom 64 in steam, properties, set launch options, "-file perdmus.wad", and you're done.
  10. Bouncy

    Strife Alternate Sound Project

    The sources for all the sounds is the various royalty free sound libraries I own. So, the credits is pretty simple. Sound Ideas, Soundmorph, Hollywood Edge, Boom Library, Blastwave FX, Pro Sound Effects, Sonniss. And then myself for doing all the edits. Sound design's what I want to do for a living, you see.
  11. The Strife alternate sound project is complete! The premise is pretty simple: replace all the main sounds in Strife - i've always considered its sound design pretty weak and underwhelming on most, if not all, fronts. This is my attempt to rectify that. Some may remember my first attempt to do this back in the early-mid 2010s. Some of those sounds were pretty good and were kept in this final file, but this is overall something new [and actually complete.] I don't really have much else in the way of words, so, enjoy! Mostly tested with Zdoom - I didn't really have any luck getting these converted into the doom sound format for vanilla compatability, unfortunately. :( Bcy-Sasp.7z
  12. Yeah, id Tech 2 is actually the Quake 2 engine. Quake 1's falls out of that line.
  13. So! In ten days, alongside the release of Doom Eternal, Doom 64's getting a proper re-release on various platforms, so I figured it was as good a time as any to make this album! Aubrey Hodges has been one of the main inspirations of my ambient style and I would not have gone anywhere near as far as I have if I hadn't run into his astounding work. The least I could do is make a tribute to it. :) Inside this album are 25 tracks, some that fit the style of Doom 64's ambient more than others. They are all Creative Commons - Attribution, so as long as you follow that and give me the proper credit, these are all completely free for you to use in your projects however you wish! Without further ado, the album! Enjoy! https://bouncytem.bandcamp.com/album/perdition-a-doom-64-tribute
  14. Bouncy

    Let's improve barons.

    I made a quick and dirty thing, too. Berzerker Barons. Barons are a fuckton more aggressive and have a chance of unleashing an attack to hit circle-strafers, but their health is reduced considerably (400, same as a cacodemon). They gain in strength what they lose in fortitude.
  15. Bouncy

    How about a top ten worst FPS?

    Most of that top 10 covered mine, so i'll just add one. Exploding Lips. ...Anything by Godd Games, really, but Exploding Lips is the one I actually went through. I can't name any other FPS whose controls pissed me off as much. If they worked, RNGesus gave you one hell of a blessing. There were times where the controls were totally unrespsonsive, delayed responsive, too responsive, buttons were assigned that just make no goddamn sense <I seem to recall one of the number pad keys being a critical button needed to play>, and overall it was just one hell of an acid trip.