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  1. Fly_895

    The /newstuff Chronicles #189

    fp Looks like people are getting the weapons mods for some reason.
  2. Fly_895

    Blood Online?

    This calls for...http://www.planetblood.com/qblood/! </consumerwhore> Transfusion isn't an exact recreation of the game, but it's nice to have a Q1 engine enhanced game built mainly for online play. Drop me a line if you're interested in a game.
  3. On map 04, there is a classic NES in your room. You also have a picture of Crash (I think) on your desk.
  4. Fly_895

    anime TC?

    I think it is possible to do an anime style well in Doom. It's just that few artists have the talent/time/desire to make their anime sprites look good. Another issuse would be that you'd need a proper series to base a FPS mod off of. I had an idea of making a Neon Genesis Evangelion mod for the longest time. Of course, Doom could be used, but a more modern engine would be a better choice for it. Come to think of it, XIII cel-shaded graphics were the exact effect I had in mind with the game. Making an Anime mod in Doom, however, may find the engine far too restricting. However, Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade may just be possible with Doom.
  5. Fly_895

    Opinion on Action DOOM

    Most excellent work here Steve. In fact, I have only 2 complaints. 1: In the classic Metal Slug and Contra games, you always had at least 3 lives. Would it be too much to ask for 3 hits or so here? A player could restore hits by picking up quaters and gain 30 hits by picking up a floating Konami logo =P. 2:Although I love the hordes of monsters coming at me, the turrets need to be weakened just a bit. Otherwise, great work.
  6. Fly_895

    Compared to other game bosses...

    Before I found out that it was just John's head, and not the creature itself, spawning the monsters, it was pretty damn imposing and cool. After seeing it in countless WADs however, it's kinda old hat now. It would be neat if some one took the base graphic for the IoC featured in last week's /newstuff and created a new monster. Its arms would fling Cacodemon fireballs, it could do the Archvile fire, and it would shoot the monster cubes out of its mouth. I had another idea for a Ioc variation. It would be fat/pregnant demon that would hover about and take up a large amount of space. Every so often, it would position itself as if it would be giving birth and then throw out a monster cube.
  7. Fly_895

    Trouble installing Hexen95 in WinXP

    That's what I intended to do. Problem is, I can't even get the WAD off the CD to copy it to a source port folder. I just want some help on extracting the WAD.
  8. Fly_895

    The girl in post hell

    *proceeds to laugh until he chokes*
  9. Fly_895

    Doomworld Needs More ACTION!

    Poop, the ads where he mentioned Action Quake 2 confused my little head. Meh, it's chock full of ACTION and that's all that matters.
  10. After talking about Hexen in a diffrent tread the other day, I felt like installing it for some good old fun. My copy of Hexen, however, isn't the DOS based game. Instead, it's the Win95 port. I understand that Doom95 based games do not run well under WindowsXP, but that is not the problem. Rather, my problem is with the installer itself. After I inster the CD and begin installing the game, I get an error saying this game cannot be installed on WinNT machines. Is there some option I can enable in windows so I can install it and extract the WAD file? Then again, it might just be better to install it on my WinME machine and burn the WAD to a CD. Whatever, I'd just like some work around. Any help?
  11. Fly_895

    Doomworld Needs More ACTION!

    Dear Mr. Steve, If your ACTION DOOM! freatures akimbo guns and diving/rolling stunts...I will mother your children. Your ACTION DOOM! will singlehandedly save me from ever seeing the light of day again. We all know the real world lacks ACTION!
  12. Fly_895


    Phobos was the 4th player in Doom. See, red armor on him and red armor on the 4th marine. If anyone one points out that his armor is orange, it's because the color faded due to falling in the acid too many times =P.
  13. Fly_895

    Heresiarch = Scrapped 2nd Serpent Rider?

    You know, that would actually make perfect sense. That would have made Korax and the Heresiarch a much more impressive beast. Then again, they might have just stuck with a single monster to give off the impression that the overlord of Hexen was much more "powerful" than D'Spiral. After all, this is supposed to be the same guy who has taunted you for the past four or so worlds. You'd go in expecting a big ass enemy to waste, not a human in black robes. It might have also been a bit repetitive to do the same type of confrontation you had at the end of Heretic.
  14. Fly_895

    Ways to become a better Doomer.

    First, as countless other posts have pointed out, you just need to keep in mind that this game is all in the name of fun. Since you're playing SP, there really is no wrong way to play. Just set the difficulty to a level you like and have at it. Now, if you honestly want to stand a chance at skill levels above "Hey, not too rough!", pratice with the mouse. It's vital to understand circle strafing and other advance footwork techniques if you indend to survive any custom maps. (On a person note, I've noticed that all the ID core maps are still able to be cleared on the Keyboard. Custom maps, built by players who have mastered the game, seem to increase the need for expert movement skills.) If you intend on keeping in the spirit of Doom on a modern port, make sure you disable mouselook and jumping unless the wad says otherwise. Second, in a lame attempt to sound like a coach, understand the "Metagame thinking" behind many maps. For example, you'll frequently encounter Barons/Hell Knights in tight corners. This prevents you from making use of the RL and keeping a safe distance from their punches. Because of this, always walk into tight corners with either the SSG or the PR drawn. Three other monsters that are excellent "pest" creaters are the reverants, Arch Viles, and random zombies. Reverants are typically placed in positions where you'll have a hard time doding their homing missles(See Hell Revealed). Areas with Viles typically provide a post or some sort of hard cover to avoid their fire attacks with(See Bloodsea in Masterlevels). Zombies are normally placed about to weaken you for a bigger fight ahead. Their autolock attacks almost always weaken your armor. Again, cover is your friend. (Chaingunners are somtimes placed just out of your autolock range just for maximum annoyance, as seen in Plutonia). On most maps, you'll find that the creators mock your inability to reach over counters and jump up. Again, just use your head. Flick switches, make note if they turn off immediately or stay on. Pay attention to the clicks and whirs or lifts/doors and monster groans. Finally, understand what will trigger a trap. If you're in a circualr room with a lone keycard in the center, you should understand what comes next.
  15. Fly_895

    Heresiarch = Scrapped 2nd Serpent Rider?

    I always thought that the demon with the red skin was the boss of HexenII. I vaugely remember that bossing being a large red dragon creature. Of course, I could easily be wrong.