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  1. You only have to make something playable. This project is for everyone after all.
  2. Yes. Finally I get to use the room I made couple of months ago.
  3. Flame Haze iwad: Doom 2 Slots: Map01 Format: Doom 2 Tested with: Chocolate Doom, PrBoom+, GzDoom and DOSBox (briefly) Jumping: No Difficulty levels: Supported Coop: 2 Players, Untested Music: "Slaying the Dreamer" by Nightwish, midi from freemidi.org https://drive.google.com/file/d/1g-d0RkAELmBDNQzumLkYD_dnbN73uWGs/view?usp=share_link Description: After making few UDMF maps I decided to try out something bit more basic. So I made this map during the last couple of days. It's your typical tech base kind of map... I guess there are demons and stuff. 100% Playthrough
  4. Shrine of the great spider iwad: Doom 2 Slot: Map01 Format: UDMF Tested with: GzDoom Jumping: No Difficulty levels: Supported Textures: Otex 1.1 Length: +800 Monsters on UV Music: "All you have to do is practice" from Riviera: The Promised Land Midi is from vgmusic.com Finished making this map today, I'd appreciate any feedback. edit (1): Fixed a bug in the map and added txt file edit (2): Made the map a bit more forgiving on lower difficulties edit (3): Made some improvements to the map's readability https://drive.google.com/file/d/17QO5HE78dDZ7QzrShlSmBJ4dQZWVJPVs/view?usp=share_link
  5. JJBoren

    Flame Haze [Doom 2 format]

    Thanks for the playthrough. Now about the visuals, I made this map in couple of days so I didn't really put any effort in the visual design. I suppose visuals aren't really my strong suite, but I think I have been improving. Also that Hell Knight wasn't stuck, he appears in the map's second secret.
  6. JJBoren

    Lakeside - An Egyptian Themed Map

    Pretty neat looking map. Combat was on the easier side (I think) but still engaging.
  7. JJBoren

    Flame Haze [Doom 2 format]

    Thank you for your kind words. I'm currently working on a sequel for Demon Ripped My Flesh (might go for a 20 map megawad this time) and I'm probably going to participate in this years RAMP. In the meantime have you checked my first released map?
  8. JJBoren

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    The first version of MAP02 is now done. Just 18 more to go...
  9. JJBoren

    Phatas Mutory.wad

    I take it you are a fan of atmospheric maps and I'd say that this has promise. Couple of quick suggestions. -While darkness can be good for atmosphere you should never sacrifice navigability for it. I'd add few lights around doors and other objects of interest. -Your map uses a lot of 90 degree angles. There's nothing wrong with those, but using them too much can make the map look monotonous and boxy.
  10. JJBoren

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    I have begun developing a sequel to my Doom 2 episode.
  11. I played the map on UV and I quite enjoyed the map's layout and hecticness. Now maybe I miss something, but for a map where the player is expected to run on hurt floors (even picking up the Green Armor without taking damage can be tricky) while being fired at by hitscanners, there didn't seem to be that many health pickups. Maybe a Medkit or two would be a nice addition.
  12. JJBoren

    Flame Haze [Doom 2 format]

    Also, I finally figured out how to play pwads though DOSBox and this wad runs on it. So I guess this map is a proper vanilla map then.
  13. JJBoren

    Flame Haze [Doom 2 format]

    Thank you for your comment. If I may ask, have you checked the updated version of that map set? I added a new secret level to it a while back. Thanks for mentioning this, fixed it.
  14. JJBoren

    First off (Single Map, DOOM II)

    For a first map this is decent enough. Couple of quick suggestions: -Not all enemies should be directly in front of the player, combat is more interesting when player is potentially threatened from different sides. You don't necessarily have to make any crazy combat setups, just an ambushing imp or a demon placed in some corner would make it less predictable. -Try to experiment with varying lighting levels. This alone would vastly improve the visual quality of your level. If you need ideas how to do this then just play Episode 1 of Doom. Edit: I hope you don't mind, but as a demonstration I made few quick changes to the starting room.
  15. Demons Ripped My Flesh iwad: Doom 2 Slots: Map01 - Map07 and MAP09 Format: UDMF Tested with: GzDoom Jumping: No Difficulty levels: Supported Balanced for a pistol start on UV (ammo can at times be little bit tight) Textures: Otex 1.1 A 7 map episode for Doom 2. This wad uses some amount of scripting so it probably only works on GzDoom. Current version: 1.3.2 https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ddeM-HpXDSftkkkvXnLhbg7IizgqRrD-/view?usp=share_link Edit (1): Fixed a bug in map 2. Edit: (2): Fixed a texture, and possibly a linedef, bug in map 7.
  16. Since these maps have loads of secrets, and because BicMacDavies is unlikely to pick this one up, I decided play through this and show were all the secrets are.
  17. JJBoren

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    After making few UDMF maps I decided try out Boom format for a change.
  18. Played through the first map it felt ok. I liked lighting in particular. Now ammunition felt very tight without the secrets. I personally did not mind it at all but it could be a divisive for other players.
  19. JJBoren

    Pratica: A amateur wad

    I played through the first map. I might play rest of the maps later. I think it was a decent enough map. I really liked the attention to lighting. Now my quick suggestion would be to use a different texture for doors that are opened remotely. It's not really a big deal, especially since the map is on the smaller side, but it would help with the map's readability. Also the door track textures were not unpegged, so you may want to fix that if it's not intentional.
  20. I have updated this wad with a new map. This mapset was lacking a proper secret level since I decided to make the og secret level (Shrine of the Great Spider) its own release after it became too big. I have made a new map and I consider this wad to be complete for now. MAP09: Green Pink Rubbish Map slot: 9 Size: 659 monsters on UV Difficulty: All difficulty levels are supported, balanced for a pistol start on UV https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ddeM-HpXDSftkkkvXnLhbg7IizgqRrD-/view?usp=share_link edit: Also thanks for TheGamingFox and Anon-Thingie! for being beta testers.
  21. Just ran through the map and it worked. The solution might just be a little bit moonlogicy. I just ran through the level with IDDQD and I was able to get 100% of kills, so it seems to work in my end at least. Oops, looks like Slade deleted an "unused" texture and somehow I didn't notice, I'll fix that. Thanks for the feedback. edit: Looked closer at MAP07 and I noticed that I had not tagged some linedefs as "repeatable", so it might be possible to use them before you are supposed to.
  22. Oh no, I forgot about that thing. Thanks, will fix it quickly.
  23. Also thanks for DavidxNewton for alpha testing some of the maps.